Volunteers Needed – Welcome Families!

volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for the first few weeks of school to serve as a welcome family to international students! By being a welcome family, you are contributing to understanding other cultures around the world and helping an international student make the first step of his or her journey in America!

A welcome family:

  • provides a home and a warm welcome for a student for approximately 6-12 weeks while SAE identifies a permanent family within the same community
  • gives your student an amazing start by letting him or her settle into the community, begin school, and get acclimated to American customs and cultures
  • is also a good option if your family has other obligations during the year or simply wants to try out the hosting experience short-term

You can visit our photolisting to see the students eligible to be hosted by a welcome family and submit a short application in order to receive full profiles of students your family can help welcome to the United States!

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