Viareggio Carnival: Italy’s Cultural Festival!

Each week we share different types of heritage and cultural history from around the world, and this week we’re sharing a festival that reflects our Italian students background! The Carnival of Viareggio is one of Italy’s, and Europe’s, most popular street fairs that lasts for an entire month!


The Carnival of Viareggio was born in 1873 when there was the first parade of festively decorated carriages in the historic Via Regia, the heart of the old town. It was transferred to the Promenade at the beginning of the twentieth century and it has grown in size and popularity year after year. As the world over celebrates varying versions of Carnival, the Viareggio festival reflects a distinctive Italian flavor where floats and parades through the street are just one of many opportunities to experience a rich cultural experience.


Since 2002 the Viareggio Carnival has been named Italian and European Carnival. Every year during a four week period, day and night time celebrations take place, and those who have traveled there say this is something you must experience at least once in your life!

This is just one of many festivities happening around the world, Hosting an International Exchange Student will give you the opportunity to share in these experiences and learn something new in the world. Apply to be a Host Family today!

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