US Embassies: Participating in Cultural Exchange

This school year, almost all of our students will arrive on a J-1 visa to participate in our high school exchange program. We’re so thrilled to see students from all walks of life coming to the US to learn what it’s like to be a part of an American family!

CindyWhile Student Ambassador Exchange deals primarily with J-1 and F-1 Visas in relation to secondary school, there are a plethora of different reasons people go abroad! The United States is invested in strengthening relations with students, academics, and workers who come to the US each year to learn more about US culture.

j1-amassador-hamburgersOne embassy in Slovakia does just this by engaging J-1 participants of the Summer Travel Work program through a good ole fashioned barbecue before they leave for the US! Ambassador Theodore Sedgwick believes this is a great way to prepare students and workers before they leave Slovakia for the States during a summer trip where they’ll both learn valuable work skills, as well as compete in the Embassy’s photo contest. This is just one of many examples in which visa programs are set up to strengthen relations between people of different cultures and backgrounds, much like our own J-1 Visa program does so with high school students and Host Families!

If you’re interested in learning more about our students and our program, apply to be a Host Family today!

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