Tuesday Letters – Meet Tony

Some kid’s personalities jump right off the page, and in this week’s Tuesday Letters feature, our spring student Tony is no different. While his letter gives a great impression of what type of kid he is, his video introduction is even better! If you are interested in hosting an exchange student like Tony, submit a FREE application at this link and a coordinator will reach out to you with his information and what it means to be a host family.

tuesday letters meet tony

Due to Department of State regulations, we are unable to share photos of students publicly until they have been matched with a host family and enrolled for the upcoming school year. For more information on John, or any of our other students, contact us at (512) 323-9595 or info@saeglobal.org!

Tuesday Letters – Meet Tony

Dear American Parents:

Nice to meet you! My name is Tony. I am 15 years old, coming from China. Now I have just graduated from junior middle school in the western campus of my school .

I love sports, and my favorite sport is playing  basketball.  I am the super fan of Kobe, and my favorite basketball star is Jordan. I always participate in all kinds of basketball activities with enthusiasm. Our school always hold all kinds activities about basketball. Because I love basketball, my basketball prowess is not too bad. Influenced by what I constantly see and hear about basketball, I gradually know more about  America.  As  I grow older, I start consciously contact with American culture. At the beginning, it was because of basketball, but now I like a little bit cool street culture. Moreover, my favorite singer is Eminem.

I am the only child in my family and I have a lovely Belgian Malinois dog, too. But my parents don’t spoil their child. During  last  winter  holiday, I worked as a salesman in my father’s company. I had to get up at 6am and go to bed at 9pm everyday for a month. I needed to prepare my meals and wash my dishes. If I want to sale products, I need to shout out slogans and push products gear commercials to customers, which made me understand the difficulty of earning money.  So in my daily life, I always help my parents to do some something in my power, such as do  housework and take care of our dog. During the period in America, I will also help you to do some housework in my power.

Now I am 15 years old, who has his own consciousness and understanding. It’s a good time for me to study abroad in America.  There  are both advantages and disadvantages to study in America in my 15 years old.   In aggregate, the advantages are bigger than disadvantages.    Because   I am not an adult, maybe sometimes I can’t have a self-discipline. In other aspect, it sounds a good opportunity for me to practice myself. I am still young, so I can be easily accustomed to western living habits and custom, which will build a firm foundation for my long-term study and living.  It  can not only help me to improve my academic review, but also enhance my adaptive capacity and comprehensive abilities to study abroad.

Now my goal is that I can fluently use English as an exchange student for half a year, know more and adapt American custom and culture.   I wish  I can successfully apply to a American excellent senior high school. In the future, I have my long-term goal and plan, such as applying for a good university and study business. After graduation, I wish I could engage in  the investment and management about tourism and hotel, like my dad.

During this period in America, I will try my best to study.  In addition,   in my spare time, I will help my American family to do some housework. What’s more, I can tell you about the mysterious eastern culture and some stories  about  my  hometown.    In  this  place,  I would  like  to express  my gratitude  to  your  good  care  in  the  future in advance.     Thank you  very much.




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