Summer Fun for Everyone

It’s getting hot outside, and that can only mean one thing: we are getting close to summer break! Soon, kids all over the world will be trading homework for fun in the sun. Everyone has a favorite summer activity, whether it’s swimming, sports, watermelon eating contests, or enjoying a good book inside with AC! And just like American kids, our exchange students have their preferred ways to enjoy the summer.

Summer FunPenny from China loves to swim when it’s hot outside. In addition to being able to cool off, she says it’s a great way to stay strong. You’re more likely to find Federico from Spain inside during the summer, where he’s reading books, watching films (his favorite genre is horror) or listening to The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Amos enjoys playing soccer in his home country of China, but he says he’s hoping to learn basketball in the US. When it gets too hot outside at home, you might find him practicing calligraphy that his grandfather taught him. Maybe he could teach you a thing or two! Ana from Spain spends her summer traveling and playing as many sports as possible – her favorites are basketball and tennis.

While our students have different interests, they all have the same dream of spending a year in the United States with a loving host family. They can’t wait to go for a hike with you, learn your favorite sport, and just become another member of the family. SAE is recruiting host families all summer long – reach out today to keep the fun continuing all throughout the 2018/19 school year!

To learn more about our students and all of their diverse interests, check out our photolisting here!

Or, if you’re ready to host one of these awesome students, fill out a free host family application here.

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