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Student Ambassador Exchange was developed with the dream of connecting cultures through education and exchange of knowledge from countries around the world. SAE’s special program, the Girls Global Education Initiative (GGEI), hopes to spotlight the ways in which student exchange can promote equal educational access for girls and women around the world. Our goal is through exchange, the leaders of tomorrow are prepared for an inclusive educational approach for all students.

The Girls Global Education Initiative was created by a team of women here at SAE who are excited to see a world in which men, women, girls, and boys come together to achieve the highest educational opportunities available. GGEI offers the opportunity to girls in our high school exchange program to study in the United States, visit with policy makers regarding education, and write about their experiences.

Who Does GGEI Serve?

Applicants to the GGE Initiative go through a rigorous selection process, including essay requirements and interview expectations. Students are expected to maintain high standards of grade, volunteer commitment, and community engagement while in the program. There is an amazing opportunity for students to attend a trip to Washington, D.C. with the program, culminating in a visit with a policy maker regarding educational access for girls. Students all receive an official certificate of participation for the program, demonstrating their commitment to their educational goals and to improving educational opportunities for everyone around the world.

Applicants accepted into GGEI will be expected to participate in a number of activities regarding educational access, educational policy work, and volunteer work throughout the academic year. These requirements are to encourage participants to become active members of their host community and to understand what the United States is doing to offer opportunities for equal access to education for girls at home and abroad.

The program culminates in an end of the year program day-long trip to the United State capital, Washington D.C.

How Can I Get Involved in Girls Global Education?

For host families, it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with a student looking to go above and beyond the usual exchange student experience. During their stay, GGEI Student Ambassadors will be volunteering in your community, submitting an essay on education in the United States, and becoming a member of your family. You can watch these students as they grow into the leaders and educators of tomorrow.

Schools interested in partnering with our Girls Global Education Initiative can contact the Program Manager at Currently, the program works with schools in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Schools outside of these states can also be considered on a case by case basis, so let us know if your school is interested in having a GGEI Student Ambassador at your school!

Interested in sponsoring a student in our Girls Global Education Initiative? Get in touch with us at and put Sponsor Girls Global in the subject line!

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