Student Letters: Meet Shannon

This week’s Student Letters features Shannon from China – she told us during her interview she loves to cook and play the piano. Student letters are a great way to get a first glimpse into what your exchange student is like. Students also provide letters, videos, and have even interviewed with SAE staff! Contact us at to learn more about becoming her host family next school year!

student letters

Dear Host Family,

I am Shannon and 17 years old and I am a student in High School. I have high expectations for my next year in America as an exchanged student.

First, I am grateful to be accepted by your family so that I can live together with you. And I will share the Chinese culture with you if you are interested in it. In my daily life, I like singing songs, playing the piano, playing badminton and so on, Sometimes, I hang out with my friend and do some cooking.

And I know there are many differences between China and America, so it is inevitable for me to overcome these cultural differences. In my opinion, communication is a good way to solve this problem. What’s more, I have many friends in China. I will miss them if I am in America at the beginning. However, I think I will make many friends in America, too.

My parents always tell me to be independent and let me solve the problems by myself as far as possible. So up to now, I have learned a lot. And I can do many things well and take good care of myself in my daily life with your help and support. I treasure the opportunity to study in America. And if I am given the opportunity, I will plan to attend the American college entrance examination.

Finally, thank you for accepting me, I hope we can have a good time.



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