Student Letters: Meet Natalia

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Spanish students – Natalia! She loves to ride horses and looks up to her father, who she says keeps her on track to be successful in life. Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to learn more about each kiddo in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Natalia

student letters

Dear family,

I write this letter to let you know a bit of me.

My family and friends describe me like a very talkative and active person. I am always laughing and smiling. They say that I am a very sociable girl and they tell that I have very clear ideas of what do I want in my life. My relationship with them is really good because I am always trying to make them happy with jokes and silly things and they make me happy too with their funny things and life experiences. But our relation is not only based on funny things, they help me with my problems and they advice me when I am going to do something wrong, well, and vice versa. In my family I am an only child and I live with my father so I consider him like a best friend but always knowing that is my dad.

About my community roles I don´t really have one specific. We are all the same but I like to interact with people and take part in all kind of activities not only at school but also outside. For example, when people of my school make theatre plays I like to participate, as when my town organizes sport events I like to reach them with my friends for having a good time.

About my host family I would like to know all kind of things as an exchange cultural experience. I am eager to meet the family, so I am going to be receptive to all of the different propositions that they can make me. If they would like to host an active person I am the best choice, because I have always to do something, otherwise I get bored very easy so I need to do things all the time. Anyway, if I dont have anything to do I could do other things like reading, watching TV or listening to music. I am always ready to help in everything to everybody because it makes me feel good.

I feel so frustrating with the studies because when I have a lot of homework and exams I fell stressed that’s why I am a very competitive girl and I am always trying to improve myself and do my best. This program is a challenge for me because I was trying to travel to United Stated for a cultural exchange since 2014, it is my dream but when I asked to my father (2 years ago) to go, he told me: daughter, if you want to study abroad you have to organize your life in all meanings, studies, friends…So I have been doing this for two years and my father acknowledges all my achievement so, here I am, making my dream come through.

I am not sure of what I would like to be in my professional life but I have an idea. I love history and the human way of thinking so probably I will study anthropology. I like photography and fashion too.

As I told before I am a very active girl so I have many principal activities and hobbies that I love practising. For example horse riding, I don´t have my own horse but I ride with horses at the riding club. I ride once a week and I enjoy because it is my passion and because a big part of my friends ride in this club so I feel like home, they are like my second family. Reading and listening to music are activities that help me to be entertained. I read a lot, in fact my parents doesn’t want me to read in school time because if I don´t have anything funny to do I read a book per day and the studies take a second part in my life. So I only read on holidays. Also I listen to music every day, I can´t imagine my life without music because it makes me feel good and alive! When I am not studying I like meeting my friends or going shopping. I have a lot of fun with my friends and I like to meet new people. I see them in my town square or at the cinema. I love movies, mainly comedies, love stories and horror ones. I think there are really enjoyable and funny.

I go shopping to Madrid because there are really good shops there! My family and friends consider me a kind of a fashion victim, they tease me as a compulsive shopper but I think that it isn’t true! I buy clothes once in a while and probably only one each time, because it is so difficult to find something nice. Finally it’s going to sound like a joke but I consider sleeping as one of my favourite hobbies although I can’t practise it usually because if I don´t have school my father makes me get up early, that’s why he wants me to improve all the day, he doesn’t want me to lost a part of the day sleeping.

Well, you have learned something about me but this is only a bit because I am not very good writing in English but that is not a big problem…I have almost a year for improving!


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Check out Natalia’s profile on our photolisting to read a letter from his parents and meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Natalia!

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