Student Letters: Meet Abigail

This week’s Student Letter is Meet Abigail – an exchange student who LOVES to dance! She also loves her family and can’t wait to experience life in the United States. Want to learn more about Abigail or any of our exchange students? Contact us using the form below or email to find out more! You can get started on the journey of student exchange by completing a Host Family Application to learn more about students you’re interested in hosting.

meet abigail

Meet Abigail

Dear host family,

It’s my pleasure to be a member of your family. My English name is Abigail. You can call me Linlin or Abigail. I have a big family with five members, my parents, my sister, my brother and I.

I have been looking forward to study in the United States, since I visited America at the age of 12. The education there is at the top of the world. That’s why I become an exchange student. I’d love to make friends around the world. So it’s accepted to live with other countries’ student.

I’m an independent girl; it’s much easier for me to get along well with new family. During this year, I have great confidence on my life and study. I’d love to try new things such as new friends and new culture. As for my idol, G-Dragon is the man who cheers me up all the time. Following him, I have learnt to be brave gradually.

I have many hobbies. In my free time, I used to jogging and dancing to keep fit. Though I can’t dance professionally, I’d love to teach myself and so on I have performed twice. Singing is good way for me to express feelings. Many kinds of music can catch my ears. I am also a sweets delicacy lover; it’s always precious for me to bake with my mom. It will be my pleasure to cook Chinese meals for you. Besides this, I have deep love for shooting photography, which can record each of life’s important moments.

I like traveling everywhere. If you don’t mind, I want visit all around your city. Of course, you are welcome to China, too.In my opinion, pets and children are the angels who bring me happiness. I have a sister and a little brother, I am always proud of them. I hope that I can study in a quiet environment. But it can be active in daily life. At home, I am a good helper. During this year, I’d love to help you to do chores.

In the end, I am very glad to be one of your family members and thank you for your acceptance.

Best wishes,





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