Help Us, Help Them: Hurricane Harvey

While Hurricane Harvey has brought devastating floods to many areas of Texas, we have been very fortunate and are happy to announce that our Austin office has not been impacted. We are safe and operating under normal business hours. Our thoughts are with our friends, families, and fellow Texans who have been impacted by the hurricane.

That being said the team at GWCA/CAN/SAE are gathering donations for Central Texas Food Bank and Austin Pets Alive to be allocated to our friends in need all over southern Texas. If you are local we encourage you to donate to the above organizations or you can bring your goods here and we’ll deliver them for you.

If you would like to participate, please bring whatever of the following:

  1. Canned Foods
  2. Anything from this list for cats/dogs (note that they do not need any dog food or dry food anymore.)

We appreciate your support and our continued thoughts go out to all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


248 Addie Roy Rd. Suite A102

Austin, TX 78746

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Thank You, Summer Interns!

As the summer comes to an end, we are preparing to say goodbye to two incredible volunteers who have helped us immensely — our summer interns! These incredible interns have truly gone above and beyond over the past few months to help out with our agency’s programs. While we are so sad to see them go, we are very excited to see what their futures hold!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this summer, and good luck with your future studies!

Internship opportunities at GWCA, CAN, and SAE!

Are you a junior or senior in college? What about a graduate student working on a master’s degree? GWCA, CAN and SAE offer intern

ships to students in various fields of study to provide hands-on experience in international adoption and cultural exchange. This is incredibly beneficial for students interested in pursuing careers in international studies, communications, marketing, social work, psychology, sociology, and business. What’s the best part? Internships can be custom-tailored to your specific major and specific area(s) of interest!

**Note: These internships are unpaid. If you or someone you know is interested, please submit a cover letter, resume, and availability to:

Learn more about our internship opportunities: CANGWCA | SAE

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What are Welcome Families?

As summer draws to an end, our exchange students are getting so excited to come to the United States! While many of our students are matched with families who will be hosting them for the entire school year, we understand that some families are not able to commit for the full 10 month program. If your family has prior obligations during the school year or if you’re not quite sure you’re ready to host for a full year, SAE always welcomes short term host families!

Hosting a student as a welcome family is just one way to get involved in cultural exchange. As a welcome family, you serve as the bridge between a student’s culture and the United States. Welcome families host for 1-2 months and play an important role in helping students adapt to life in the United States! At the end of this period, the student moves in with a host family who will host them for the remainder of the school year. Most of the time, that permanent family will be located in the same school district as you, so you are still able to keep in touch with that student and be a part of their journey in America.

The best way to meet the students participating is by visiting our photolisting! If you’re interested in learning how to become a welcome family or a host family, inquire about one of our students or contact our Program Coordinators today!

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Welcome to the U.S.A.

Welcome to the U.S.A.!
Students began arriving this week to embark on one of the most incredible journey’s that will mold their futures. Student’s will have the opportunity to spend an entire school year in the U.S. that will better their future. These student’s have been waiting all summer for the call that their flights were booked. Today TWENTY students are still waiting for that call. Will your family be the one to make a difference? We are down to the final days. Call us today to learn how you can be a part of something more! 512-323-9595 Ext. 3052
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Befriending an Exchange Student

My Firsthand Experience with an Exchange Student

By: Nicole Springer – SAE Summer Intern 2017

I grew up in a suburb in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our high school was one of the largest in the area and we had so many diverse cultures and traditions at our school. However, most of my friends and I had never met someone from a different country.

During my sophomore year of high school a new exchange student from Iceland named Ben came to our school he also came with his older sister. He started to hang out with my same group of friends and eventually we got to know each other a lot better because he was in the same after school activities as me.  When my friends and I would hang out with Ben we always had so much fun, he could make almost everyone laugh because of his easy going care free attitude. Whenever Ben meet a new friend  every time he would try to convince people that in Iceland there are  penguins walking around everywhere and you can play with them and have them as pets, strangely enough he could actually really convince people that this was true.

The more my friends and I got to know Ben and his family the more we enjoyed his company and learning more about Icelandic culture and traditions. Ben was leaving back to Iceland around the same time that his birthday was, so all of us decided to throw him a huge surprise birthday/going away party. We all hid downstairs at the house he was living in and when he came down we threw confetti and sprayed him with silly string. Till this day I can honestly say that’s one of the most fun parties I’ve been to.

Looking back at the time my friends and I spent with Ben I can honestly say that all of our worldviews expanded immensely and all of us really valued the time we got to spend with someone who seemed so different than us at first but once we got to know him we realized that he was just like any other high school kid our age, he enjoyed the same kind of stuff and was  happy to hang out with the new friends he was making while being different than us at first but once we got to know him we realized that he was just like any other high school kid our age, he enjoyed the same kind of stuff and was  happy to hang out with the new friends he was making while being abroad.


To learn how to open your family to an Exchange Student contact our team today. Registration ends soon, you don’t want to miss out!

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Meet Ethan!


Meet Ethan!

Ethan is an adventurous, caring and curious 17 year old boy from Lanzhou, China.  Just this last year Ethan’s family was able to host their own exchange student from a program called AFS. During this year long experience Ethan was able to learn more about American culture and was also able to teach the other boy about Chinese culture. During their year together their relationship became very close and at the end Ethan considered the exchange student like a brother.

In his free time Ethan likes to play basketball and badminton. Most of all Ethan enjoys traveling so far he has been to Malaysia, Thailand, America, Korea and Japan. In the future he would like to backpack more around the world, in his own words Ethan says “I enjoy the feeling of being on the road. The destination is not the purpose of a trip; the purpose is to embrace different cultures, learn thing and find out more about yourself.


Ethan is looking forward to meeting his new family, he hopes that his year abroad can be another amazing traveling experience where he will be able to learn more about American culture and also improve his English language skills.

Check out Ethan’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Ethan!

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Meet Ignacio!

Ignacio is a respectful, outgoing and kind 16 year old boy from Bilbao, Spain. He has a very close relationship with his family, he often helps out around the house by cooking and cleaning. Ignacio and his brother have an extremely close relationship, even his mother says “his younger brother literally adores Ignacio and will miss him very much next year.” Outside of his immediate family Ignacio also enjoys spending time with his grandparents, he often helps them with yardwork because they have a large country side home so there is a lot of yardwork to do.

Ignacio has a good group of close friends. The 5 of his closest friends and himself are almost inseparable. Every other weekend they spend time at each other’s houses, like most teenage boys their age they enjoy playing sports and video games. Ignacio is extremely grateful for his relationships with his friends because they are always there to help and support him.

In his free time he loves to play basketball, the training schedule he is on is a little bit strict but he knows it will make him a better player. Other than basketball Ignacio enjoys outdoor activities like canoeing, skiing, paddle surfing and fishing.

In the future Ignacio would like to go to college for business administration. He thinks this might be a good career path because it is such a broad area of work, so he is more likely to find a job.


Ignacio is looking forward to visiting the United States for the first time next year, he wants to discover more about American culture and landscape.


Check out Ignacio’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Ignacio!

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Student Letters: Meet Nicole!

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Chinese students – Nicole! Nicole sent in probably our staff’s favorite photo album, showing her growing up alongside Flora (her golden retriever!) since she was very young. She even threw Flora a 13th birthday party recently. What a sweet kid! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Nicole!

student letters

Dear Host Family:

I’m Nicole a 15-year-old student. It’s really a great honor for me to be an exchange student. I’m so excited about this project. First of all, please let me sincerely introduce myself to you.

Differing from other traditional Chinese family, we have so many family members, including a golden retriever whose name is Flora. She is 2 years younger than me; An African grey parrot, he is 1 year old ,can repeat his name very well; Two lovely cats and three turtles. I can get along well with them and they bring me happiness and joy. I have good relationships with my parents, they support me and help me when I’m in trouble. They’re sometimes strict with me, but I still understand and respect them. After all, they consider everything for my future.

Among all my hobbies, I love reading the best. There is a bookshelf in my bedroom. I’m interested in psychology and history, I hope I can learn more about these during my study in US. I love US culture indeed. In fact, I’m a Brony and a crazy fan of Star Wars. As you see, I love watching movies and animation cartoons. And these help me improve my English speaking and listening skills a lot. I often take an active part in community activities, For example, I joined 10 Km Marathon Race. That was really tiring but hones my will.

I used to be an average student, And I was always upset about my bad scores in school .Through my efforts, I dealt with all the difficulties day and night. After a long time, I finally became the outstanding one. I won respect and attention from my teachers and schoolmates. I am an active and optimistic girl, sometimes a bit naughty. I’m good at teamworks and know the importance of team spirit. Because of my sense of humor and innovation ideas, I’m popular among my friends. We all had a very good time. And I believe I’ll bring laughter and gaiety to your family.

My parents and I often travel abroad, We visited many countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and US. The culture and customs in US had left me a deep impression, The Yellow Stone National Park was the best attraction I have ever seen. I really enjoyed myself during the journey in US.

To be frank, being an exchange student in US is totally challenging and a new beginning for me. If I am lucky enough, I want to attend the US college entrance examination. However, I still have a few habits that need to be corrected. For example, my attention to other things causes great distractions in my daily life. I’ll try my best to get rid of it.

In the end, thank you very much indeed for reading this letter, if you want someone who is good at taking care of pets and easygoing, please consider me as a member of your family.

May the force be with you!





Feb.25, 2017

Check out Nicole’s profile on our photolisting to read a letter from his parents and meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Nicole!

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Share Your American Culture

Today, July 4th is a sacred day in American culture. It’s a day we celebrate the freedoms and wonders of our country. Just like us other countries  are proud of their heritage and are eager to share it. Hosting a student provides your family an opportunity like the no other. You get to bring the world into your home. Student’s love learning how Americans live and want to share their country cultures with you as well.

Many students still need host families for the upcoming school year – please contact us today to learn how you can open your home to the world!

SAE offices are closed Tuesday July 4th to observe Independence Day.

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Meet Diego

Diego is an adventurous, easy going, hardworking 15 year old boy from Madrid, Spain. He has a very close relationship with his family and often seeks advice from his older siblings and parents. Diego usually goes to his mom for advice on cooking and he goes to his dad when he needs advice on improving a certain soccer skill.

Soccer has become more and more difficult for Diego. It is a very competitive sport so if you don’t work hard then you won’t be able to play in the game and will just end up sitting on the bench. Diego realized he didn’t want to just sit on the sidelines so he worked very hard for two years and is now one of the best starting players on the team.

Besides soccer, Diego also enjoys going to boy scouts. He likes going on new adventures and spending time outside learning about important skills. Another thing he likes about boy scouts is that he is able to connect with the community. Being involved in boy scouts has taught him to be more respectful, dedicated and motivated.

In the future Diego believes a good career path for him would be a sports journalist, because he loves sports and he also loves meeting new people. He knows it will talk a lot of work to be able to attain this career, but he believes the best way to get there is to explore the world, which is why he is deciding to study in America for a year.

Diego can’t wait to meet his new family and is very grateful for this amazing opportunity!

Check out Diego’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Diego!

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