Student Ambassador Exchange – A Division of Children of All Nations!

It’s Thursday and for this weeks Cultural Blog Post we’re highlighting some of the work that our parent organization, Children of All Nations, does on a daily basis and how that reflects into the programs we continue to implement!


The long list of countries CAN works with includes China, the Philippines, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti, and Honduras! Phew! This long list of countries gives a large scope of the international inclination both our organizations have to promoting and enhancing cross-cultural exchange between people of varying cultural backgrounds. With different adoption programs and orphan hosting opportunities, CAN provides a highly successful example of the kind of exchange work Student Ambassador Exchange is growing to become.

As we wrap up our first successful year of placing exchange students with Host Families across the country, we reflect back to where all of our efforts and inspiration came from. Children of All Nations is doing some amazing work, bringing children and families together to experience a once in a lifetime experience for all parties involved. Student Ambassador Exchange continues to channel those experiences, and we encourage you to be a Host Family with us today!

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