Six Signs You Should Be a Local Coordinator

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Student Ambassador Exchange is seeking Local Coordinators to help us prepare for our next group of amazing exchange students! This is a unique position that you may have never considered before. So if you’re wondering whether the job is right for you, here are the best parts of being a Local Coordinator:

1Gain experience working with youth, families, and schools: Local Coordinators act as our liaison between the student, the host family, and the school. This is a perfect position for anyone involved in education or social work. You’ll form relationships with the family and the student, as well as school officials. These relationships will help ensure a positive experience for current and future exchange students in your area!

2Get to know another culture: Think of the Local Coordinator position as the international vacation you get to take without leaving home! As you help an exchange student adjust to life in the United States, you will inevitably be learning about their home country’s culture, traditions, and way of life. This experience will enrich you and give you a deeper understanding of global affairs.

3  Put your study abroad experience to use: Were you ever an exchange student? If so, you understand the triumphs and challenges that come with adapting to a foreign environment. Your firsthand experience will be crucial in guiding an exchange student through the same thing.

4  Get involved in international relations: Diplomacy is no longer just about ambassadors meeting behind closed doors. Public diplomacy is all about getting people from different countries to interact with each other. By getting to know a foreign student, you are influencing the way they view the United States. This is an incredible opportunity to act as a citizen diplomat and represent your country!

5  Show off your town: In addition to representing the U.S., you also have the chance to act as an unofficial ambassador to your town! If you’re proud of where you live, you get to introduce an exchange student to all the places that you think make your town great.

6 Get paid: Yes, in addition to all these awesome experiences, we offer our Local Coordinators a stipend based on how many students they place. Local Coordinators can monitor up to 10 students.

For more information on how you can get involved as a Local Coordinator, reach out to us at today or fill out the Local Coordinator application here!

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