#SAEStories: Why we’re hosting Raphael!

Raphael is very well rounded. He enjoys scuba diving, cooking traditional Chinese food, and playing many different sports. We weren’t surprised when one of our families in Michigan showed interest in hosting him for the upcoming academic year, but like all others they had a personal and passionate reason for doing so.

Raphael ScubaThe host mother plainly stated that their interest was “to bring a new culture to our lives, for our daughter, who was adopted from China, and for our family to have a more global understanding of peoples lives. We want to be part of an experience that would hopefully be an amazing journey to learn about America and our culture”. Since they are an adoptive family seeking to find a way to experience Chinese culture in a unique way, it was an exciting opportunity to help them get to know Raphael during the matching process. Raphael shared an excellent video of his hometown, showing the family how to make a traditional Chinese dish, and expressing his own reasons as to why he wanted to participate in the program. Our family in Michigan said that after watching his video, they hoped to “learn about what Raphael celebrates and why, how his day would be and what he loves about his country.”

With so many diverse families that we’re matching our students with, it’s always exciting to hear and read about their different reasons for wanting to host. As the host mother puts it, “We live a simple American life. We work hard and believe the student would experience the daily life of school, food, activities and being in a family of four. We are traditional in what we believe and do, so family is important to us. We would like to share our life with them”.

If you’re interested in learning more about our program, check out our photolisting or get in touch with us at (512) 323-9595 ext 3062.

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