#SAEStories: Why we’re hosting Nancy!

From humble beginnings in the heart of Texas, our Student Exchange program has broken ground in many new states this year. One of the most popular destinations this year is Pennsylvania, where we’ve had multiple families inquire about hosting a student. One of those is interested in the reciprocity of hosting, and we wanted to share their story today!

Capture1When we asked the family why they want to host Nancy, the host mother talked about the reasons behind their decision in a very touching way. “I feel that it is important to pay it forward for the things we’d like to do. Our daughter has talked about taking a year in France. For that she would need a host family. If people don’t step up to do it, it doesn’t happen.” With so many students around the world interested in studying abroad, it is imperative that some families make that decision and understand that they are a part of a global network of individuals and families working to create better ties between cultures.

What makes this hosting experience truly unique is that our Host Family in Pennsylvania adopted their daughter from China, allowing them to learn about Chinese cultural heritage and history in a very unique way. “Our daughter is very interested in travel to China as she gets older, and looking for her roots. It would be wonderful to have made a friend who knows the native land, language and culture. She feels good about being the family to give this person an opportunity to come to the US.” This story is at the heart of our program, giving families the ability to experience something truly unique and life changing for all persons involved.

It’s not too late to pay it forward! We still have students who are hoping to spend a year growing closer with a host family as they learn about American culture. Who knows what you could learn about Chinese culture! If you’re interested in learning more about our program, check out our photolisting or get in touch with us at (512) 323-9595 ext 3062.

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