#SAEStories: Why we’re hosting Aldo!

It was a typical morning in the office when we opened an email from one of our Local Coordinators in Missouri, asking what steps were needed to accept a student from Mexico that was interested in our program. After the initial round of conversations with his family and prospective school we found a family that was interested in hosting him. This was an exciting development for our young program as Aldo would be our first student from Mexico!

Aldo Boat PhotoEvery family hosts for more or less the same reason. Some want to learn about a particular culture, while others want to show a student what life is like in the US. What it always comes down to though is that these families show a passionate interest in a unique intercultural experience. The family hosting Aldo said that they “think this would be a great new experience for us as a family and for each of us individually. We think it would be a cool opportunity for Aldo and are eager to be able to provide it for him”. It’s not often that you’re afforded the opportunity to bring someone from a different culture into your home, and we know Aldo’s host family is going to take advantage of every opportunity to share, learn, and experience the diverse perspective Aldo is bringing with him.

When asked about specific reasons of why they’re hosting, his host family replied that it would be “fun to help Aldo develop his English language skills and speaking and hopefully enjoy using the Spanish we all learned in high school and college in a more conversational way. We are excited to be able to teach Aldo about life in the US and our culture and hopefully learn a lot about his life and the culture in Mexico”. Along with learning and sharing culture, Aldo’s host family has an opportunity to make a lifelong friendship with another family they may not have met otherwise!

Aldo’s host family is just one of many families that we’re working with this year, all of whom are interested in hosting for their own unique reasons. Check in with us every Thursday to read another story on why one of our families decided to host – you may find that your reasons are shared by many others! If this sounds like an experience you don’t want to pass up, view our photolisting to meet some of our students and apply to be a Host Family today!

For more information on how you can become a host family, give us a call at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3062 or send an email to emily@saeglobal.org.

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