#SAEstories: Meet Sonya!

When you think of exchange students, it’s easy to imagine a foreigner coming to a country they don’t know much about and having to start from square one to learn the culture. In our increasingly interconnected world, this image is becoming more and more outdated. Students who come to America tend to already have a surprising amount of knowledge about our culture. Take, for example, Sonya. She’s never been to the United States before, but couldn’t wait to tell us how much she loves Justin Bieber – a prominent celebrity in American culture. This is even more incredible when you consider that Justin isn’t even American – he’s Canadian! Information is traveling faster than people, which is allowing us to learn more about each other from the comfort of our own homes. For exchange students, being able to learn more about a foreign culture before traveling can help prepare them for the exchange and make the overall experience much more positive. However, despite all the advance that have been made, nothing compares to the person to person exchange. As we watched Sonya belt out her favorite Bieber hits between fits of laughter, we were confident that her experience in the United States would be a positive one for her, as well as her host family.


In addition to a lovely voice, Sonya also has an extroverted, independent spirit and some impressive taekwondo experience. She’s traveled as far as Thailand and Australia to compete! If you talk to her peers, teachers, and parents, they will tell you that she has a reputation for being an excellent listener with a positive attitude. She loves biology and English class, but complains that chemistry and physics give her headaches. All in all, she’s a sweet girl who is excited to compare what she’s learned about American culture with daily life here. She would get along great in any family, so if you think you’d get along well with her we would love to tell you more! If you have any questions about the hosting process, send an email to emily@saeglobal.org or call (512) 323-9595, ext 3061.

Due to Department of State regulations, we cannot post photos of students until they are officially placed with a host family and enrolled for the school year. If you’d like additional information on Sonya or any of our other students, please get in touch with us at emily@saeglobal.org.

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