Matched Monday: Meet Rachel!

Rachel the Caretaker

Throughout the matching process, we work carefully with host families to figure out which student would fit best into their family dynamic. One of the most exciting moments of the entire program is hearing families tell us which student they have decided to host. It marks a transition from discussing hosting as an abstract topic to actively planning the next year in a family’s life. For a student, it’s the moment they get confirmation that their dream of coming to the United States is about to be realized. So, it goes without saying that we were beyond thrilled to match Rachel with her host family!


Rachel is a sweet girl who is always there for her mother and little sister.  When she isn’t spending time with her family, you can find her hanging out with her friends. She loves basketball – her favorite player is Stephen Curry. This Warriors fan is going to be spending her year abroad in Florida, surrounded by Heat and Magic fans. We’re sure that her sunny disposition is going to be a great match in the Sunshine State! In the letter she wrote introducing herself, Rachel told us: “I am excited about life, because I think that being happy is the most important thing in life. Sometimes when I run into troubles and get upset, I persuade myself to think of it as a gift in my growth and soon I will be happy again.”

There are many other students just like Rachel who are still looking for host families. Whether you’re interested in basketball, hiking, traveling, or just relaxing and watching movies, there is an exchange student who would make a perfect fit for your family. We would love the chance to tell you more about them! If you’re interested in learning more about the students available for hosting, reach out to us at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3061 or by sending an email to

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