#SAEstories: Meet Markos!

Markos the Extrovert

One common concern from families is that their student will be bored in their cities.  Many of our host families live in smaller towns or in the suburbs of a bigger city. They worry that the students will imagine New York City and San Francisco when they think of the United States, and be disappointed to be living somewhere completely different. However, we have found the opposite when talking to our students. They are, first and foremost, excited about spending time with their American host family and attending American high school. Some mention that they would love to see specific things (we’ve seen a few letters where students ask to be shown cowboys in Texas). All in all, however, these students don’t care where they’re going – they care who they are going to meet. Markos gave us one of the best examples of this in his introductory letter, where he mentioned that he would love to live on a big farm in the countryside!


Beyond his desire to escape city living for a year, Markos is an outgoing, talkative young man who love participating in sports. This won’t be his first time in the United States – he attended a summer camp here when he was 10 and has been dreaming about coming back ever since! Markos enjoys badminton, martial arts, and photography. When we talked to him over Skype, he couldn’t wait to tell us all about himself. We were impressed with his English – the video quality was poor and he was able to walk us through fixing the problem on our end while talking about himself in between steps. We’re certain that any family would love getting to know Markos, especially if you’re outgoing too!

Becoming a host family is simple! Fill out our application online, and one of our program coordinators will contact you to walk you through everything else!

Due to Department of State regulations, we are unable to share photos of students publicly until they have been matched with a host family and enrolled for the upcoming school year. For more information on Markos, or any of our other students, contact us at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3061 or emily@saeglobal.org.

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