#SAEstories: Meet Maggie!

Maggie the Explorer

Today we are excited to introduce Maggie, our newest Student of the Week!  She is a 15 year old girl hoping to spend the 11th grade in the US. We were certain that she would do great in the United States when she described herself by saying, “I think it’s important to work hard and play hard.” This globetrotting young lady is no stranger to travel.  She’s been to Thailand and explored all over Europe, but she told us that her favorite country so far has been Switzerland – for the scenery and the food. Beyond simply seeing the world, Maggie cares about making the world a better place. She joined Roots & Shoots – a global program started by Jane Goodall to get youth more involved in environmental issues.  Her local group tested river water for pollution. Based on their findings, they urged their mayor to treat the water.

Maggie loves school because she gets to learn new things while also spending time with her friends. She told us that her favorite class is English, because it’s the only class where students can speak freely. We asked her why she wants to come to America, and she’s most excited for a classroom experience that is different from China.

Beyond school, Maggie is looking forward to getting to know her host family.  She loves animals, especially dogs! She would probably do best with an active family. She likes to be involved in many different activities, and would probably jump into anything you’re involved with!

If you’re interested in hosting Maggie or any other student, the process is simple! Reach out to a Program Coordinator or fill out a host family application.

Due to Department of State regulations, we cannot post photos of our students until they are officially placed with a host family and enrolled for the school year. If you’d like additional information on Maggie or any of our other students, please get in touch with us at emily@saeglobal.org.

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