#SAEstories: Meet Bo!

Bo the Sweetheart

Because our students range in age from 15 to 18, we see a pretty big difference in personalities. When we are placing students on the younger side, we sometimes worry that they might be more shy than older students. Any fears of this being the case for Bo disappeared the second he answered our Skype call. With a big wave and an enthusiastic grin on his face, Bo shouted “Hello!” and proceeded to introduce himself with an excellent command of the English language.  He even introduced us to his parents, cats, and dog.  He spoke so highly of his parents –  explaining how much he loves his mother’s cooking and how he respects their careers.  Bo also told us all about his foreign friends, and how much they have taught him. He’s looking forward to coming to the U.S. and making even more foreign friends.  We were trying to get to know him, and he just kept telling us about other people.  In the end, though, this ended up giving us a better glimpse of Bo as a person than any piece of paper could. He truly cares about the people around him, and makes sure that everyone feels valued.  This is a quality that will serve him well when adjusting to life with his host family.

Swimming Boy

When we did get Bo to talk about himself, we got to hear all about his wide array of interests.  He’s an excellent swimmer, and prefers the butterfly stroke best of all (because it’s his fastest, of course). He also really enjoys playing the drums, and has a drum set in his room! Don’t worry about being kept up all night, though – he laughingly reassured us that he isn’t bringing the drum set with him to America.

Bo would definitely fit in well with any host family. He loves animals, so pets are welcome! His overall personality was laid back, and we got the impression that he’s just excited to come to America and be a part of a family, regardless of their particular interests! His parents hope you can come visit China one day to “drink tea and chat freely and happily in our quiet yard with beautiful blossoms in this very ancient city,” so apply to host Bo today and then start planning your summer 2017 trip to China!
If you’re interested in learning more about hosting Bo, contact us today! Simply fill out a host family application, send an email to emily@saeglobal.org, or call (512) 323-9595, ext. 3061.

Due to Department of State regulations, we cannot post photos of students until they are officially placed with a host family and enrolled for the school year. If you’d like additional information on Bo or any of our other students, please get in touch with us at emily@saeglobal.org.


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