#SAEstories: Meet Barton!

Barton the Engineer

Meeting someone for the first time – even via Skype – can be a little uncomfortable. Usually, even the most outgoing of students are a little quiet when we first start talking to them. Once we start asking questions and figuring out what makes them tick, however, they will come out of their shells and let their personalities shine. This was not the case with Barton, who started off with a smile on his face and a loud “Hello, teacher!” We were already so curious to get to know this student who listed quantum mechanics as one of his interests but also had the most impressive drawings. One thing is for certain – he did not disappoint. From his enthusiastic description of why he loves science classes to the shy but proud displays of his artwork, we could tell that Barton gives 100% to everything he tries. This is an excellent quality in an exchange student, and we’re sure that he will do everything he can to make his year in America wonderful for himself as well as his host family.

Barton Drawing

Normally, you might not think it’s a good thing when someone is described as having their head in the clouds. However, in the case of Barton, we only mean this in the best way! A lover of engineering and science, he dreams of being able to make planes fly faster. He has a deep curiosity and passion for life that makes us certain he will go far.

Barton sees a year in the United States as the launching pad for his dreams to take off. Are you ready to greet him at the arrival terminal? The best way to move forward is by filling out our Host Family Application! If you have any questions about the hosting process, send an email to emily@saeglobal.org or call (512) 323-9595, ext 3061. We are certain that in a little over a year, when  you’re saying farewell to Barton at the departure level of the airport, you’ll know you made an excellent decision.

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