New Students from Spain

We are looking forward to welcoming new exchange students from Spain to the United States this upcoming fall semester! We are currently seeking host families for these high school students during the 2018-2019 school year. These kids have amazing backgrounds and interests, and they’re excited to experience life in the United States. Through hosting, they can call another family their own and call the US home! This is the perfect opportunity for your family to participate in cultural exchange.

Meet our newest students seeking host families

Nora is a 14-year-old girl who is outgoing and has lots of hobbies! She enjoys dancing, playing violin, writing, playing sports, and more. She visited New York last year and is excited to learn more about American culture.
Jaime is a 16 year-old boy who is active and easygoing. His favorite activity is skiing in the winter, but he also enjoys summer activities like swimming. He can’t wait to visit the US and improve his English.
Sofia is a bubbly 14-year-old girl whose favorite thing to do is help people. She loves art and wants to be a dentist one day. She’s excited to build a relationship with her host family.
Sergio is a 14-year-old boy who’s exceptionally creative and active. His favorite activities include playing sports like soccer, playing the piano, and singing. He also loves to cook with his family. He’s looking forward to getting to know his host family!

For photos and more information about our students, visit our photo listing or contact us at! Check out our photo listing regularly, as we’ll be adding new students. Spots for host families are limited, so click here to submit a FREE application today! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn about another culture, share new experiences, and create a lifelong connection.

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