#SAEstories: Meet Sam!

Sam the Peaceful

Each student we talk to lays out different personal goals for their year in the United States. ¬†Some mention improving their English skills. Other students want to really get to know American culture, or see what American high school is like. For Sam, these things were all important parts of the experience. However, his goals go a little further than most. In his introductory letter to us, Sam told us that he hoped his year in the United States would have a more lasting effect. He wrote “as we all know, the relationship between China and the United States is very important for global development. The relationship between our two countries is based on a better understanding of each other. If I am lucky enough to be an exchange student in the USA, I would like to not only explore your lovely country but also introduce what I learn about the USA to my classmates in China.” Sam is ready to be an ambassador of friendship, and we can’t wait to see what lessons he will learn during his time abroad.


When he isn’t bringing spreading peace, Sam loves learning languages, playing basketball, watching movies, and playing the piano. He loves spending time with his family – whether they are enjoying a meal together or going on an evening walk. His parents are open minded and just want him to get to know a new culture. He’s never been outside of China, so this is sure to be an exciting new adventure!

Sam is one of the many young men who are still looking for host families for the upcoming school year. For some reason, the boys are always the slowest to get placed, and there are several who are leftover long after all the girls have found host families. Our boys are studious and well behaved, with just the right amount of mischief! If you’re interested in hosting a male student, we would be more than happy to send you more information on our program! Check out our photolisting to see who is still available, then reach out to a program coordinator today at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3061.

Due to Department of State regulations, we are unable to share photos of students publicly until they have been matched with a host family and enrolled for the upcoming school year. For more information on Sam, or any of our other students, contact us at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3061 or emily@saeglobal.org.

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