Letters from Abroad – Meet the Parents!

Each week, we feature student letters that our exchange kids write to their potential host families. However, another neat way to “meet” the kids in our programs is to read their parents’ letter – that’s why we’ve started our new feature Meet the Parents! All of our host families wonder what it’s like as a parent to have your child depart for a school year, and these letters give amazing insight to what it’s like. You can hear the pride, gratitude, and a little bit of  nervousness in all of these parents’ voices as they write these letters as their children depart on this life-changing journey.

This week, we’re featuring a letter from our student Mei’s parents! She’s an exchange student from Spain, though she’s originally from China which makes Mei a very global citizen! You can meet Mei and other students like her on our photolisting. If you’re interested in learning more about our students, complete a free host family application in order to receive a full profile!

Meet the Parents

Letters from Abroad – Meet the Parents!

Dear American host family,

This is a short letter to introduce ourselves. We are Esther and Javier parents of three wonderful kids. Our little daughter Mei is going to spend a very important year for her in your house and that’s why we are really thankful for the opportunity you are giving her to become part of your family and your lives. Thank you for opening your house to her and taking her in as a daughter, thank you for the effort it involves for your family. We are sure it will be worth it because she is very much looking forward to getting to know you.
But let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are a family of five. My husband Javier is a Account Manager and I am a midwife at one of the main hospitals in our city. We live in a small city next to the sea which allows us to enjoy the beach in summer, go for walks along the seafront and ride our bikes. We are a family of sport lovers and we like skiing very much. In fact, we have a small apartment four hours from home, where we spend most of our winter weekends. We also play tennis and golf.
Our eldest son Guillermo is 25 years old and lives in the city where he works in the Human Resources Department. Guillermo loves his little sister and they get along really well. Unfortunately we don’t see him as often as we would like but he sometimes joins us at our apartment where he spends some weekends with us enjoying ski, a sport he loves, just like everyone else in the family. Our second son Juan is 23, lives with us and is a senior student studying Computer Science. Juan loves football. In his free time he coach of a football team of 10 year­olds and he plays in the University team, too. He also likes surfing.
Our little daughter Mei is 14 right now. Mei is an easy going girl, quiet, hardworking and very responsible and well organised. Mei loves her brothers. She shares her passion for surf with Juan . When she comes home from school and she finishes her homework, she spend most of her free time drawing. At the weekend, when we are not skiing, she meets her friends and they hang out at the mall, go skating, have dinner at the Burger place or see a movie at the cinema. They are always back home at the agreed time. Mei is a thoughtful, lovable girl with a peaceful character. She is obedient and follows the rules and deadlines we set for her. She has a disciplined behavior and is willing to cooperate with something, she is very set-controlled. She is also a bit shy, but given a certain time, she adapts to all situations. When she has a problem, (for instance last year she broke her leg, and had to rest for several months) she endures the situation with patience without complaining. She has been away from home a number of times. She spend the last two summers at a surf camp for a couple of weeks. She enjoyed it so much that she asked to go the following year!
Thanking you again for this opportunity you are giving our daughter, we are confident it will be a wonderful experience for her. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Esther and Javier

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