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Pablo is an adventurous, friendly and athletic 17 year old boy from Pamplona, Spain. He is the oldest of three children, he has a close relationship with both his younger brother and a younger sister. All of them often go and visit a small city called Pyrenees on the weekends and even more often in the summer time.

In his free time Pablo enjoys playing sports. He plays for his schools soccer team and has realized the hard work and dedication it takes to become good player. Recently, he has become a soccer coach for younger children, since he started coaching he has learned to become more patient. In addition to soccer he also plays a Basque sport called Pala which he says “is similar to paddle”, in fact Pablo is so good he plays on one of the Spanish Pala national teams.

Pablo loves going to school his two favorite subjects are P.E and Economics.  A dream of Pablo’s in the future is to become a teacher because he really loves children. However he is still unsure if this is the right path for him because he also enjoys economics so much and can also see himself running a business similar to his father.

Whatever the future holds Pablo is extremely excited to study in the United States, he wants to know more about American culture.

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