Meet Our Students of 2017-2018!

Meet Our Students – Visit our Photolisting!

This year, Student Ambassador Exchange will see approximately 100 students from around the world visiting the United States – most of them for the first time! These are kids with amazing backgrounds, interests, and families of their own, and through hosting, these kids can call another family their own and call the United States home! Meet our students of 2017-2018 by visiting our photolisting or submit an application to receive a full profile of a student you’re interested in hosting!

Who are SAE’s students? They are volunteers – Nancy above is volunteering teaching dance classes in orphanages in Tibet. They are little brothers – Unai from Spain tells us he loves his big brother and can’t wait to meet his “new” family in the US. They are engineers – Emerald built her very own robot and led her team to win in competition…all at the age of 14!

Our students connect the world –¬†with your family, these kids become a part of the global community in a way that lasts a lifetime. You are there to help them call the USA home. Become a host family TODAY – meet your student!

meet our students

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