Meet our Spring 2016 Exchange Students

The school year may have just started, but we are already preparing for the months ahead. We are looking forward to welcoming more exchange students to the United States. We are currently seeking host families for two Chinese students who will be arriving in early January and leaving in late May or early June, depending on your local high school’s academic calendar.  This is a perfect opportunity for families who are unable to host a student for an entire school year but are still interested in taking part in a cultural exchange.

These students are both coming on our J-1 program, so there are no stipends available for host families. However, as a reminder, host families may claim a tax exemption of up to $50 for each month the student remains in their home.

Here is some more information on our two students seeking host families:

Jenny is a 16 year old girl who has been dreaming of coming to the United States for quite some time. She is curious about American culture and can’t wait to experience it firsthand. Her hobbies include dancing, gardening, playing with animals, and reading. Jenny says that her studies tend to get in the way of her hobbies, but she’s hoping that her semester in the United States will give her an opportunity to have a better work/play balance.
James is an outgoing 16 year old boy who is eager to start his American adventure! He is active and tries to play basketball every day, but he is just as happy reading a good book, spending time with his friends, or playing games on his computer. Family is very important to James, and he can’t wait to be a part of a new family in the United States.

For photos and more information on either of these students, send an email to or fill out a form on our website requesting more information. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to learn about another culture from the comfort of your own home!

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