Meet Mei

Mei is a caring, curious and courageous 14 year old girl from Getxo, Spain. She is originally from China, but her parents adopted her when she was just a baby. Since then she has been living in Spain and enjoying life with her parents and two older brothers.

Mei loves to try new things and meet new people. Ever since she was a young girl she has enjoyed being creative and using her imagination to paint and draw. She also enjoys reading and watching movies. She especially enjoys movies that are in a series. Her favorite sports are skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer.

As of right now Mei can speak four languages, French, Basque, Spanish and English. In terms of cultural exchange between her and her host family Mei would like to learn more about American culture and lifestyle while at the same time sharing her own Spanish culture and lifestyle.

Mei is looking forward to meeting her new family and learning as much as she can while she is in the United States.

Check out Mei’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Mei!

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