#SAEstories: Meet Greg!

It goes without saying, every student we meet is different. It starts with reading their letter and seeing their photo, but SAE staff really get to know our students during one of the most exciting parts of the intial application – the Skype interview. The interview allows us to get to know each student a little better, hear their English skills, and of course gives us a chance to place them in the best possible situation here in the States. Most students start off a little shy, but they eventually open up and start showing us a bit of their personalities. These interviews take us beyond paper applications and help us figure out who these students are and use that information to find them great host families. In order to help host families find a student who would be a great match in their home, we decided to offer a glimpse into our process and highlight a different student each week.  This week, we are starting off with Greg, a 17 year old from China who is hoping to spend the 12th grade in the United States.

When Greg answered our Skype call, there was already an infectious grin on his face.  He was pretty proud of his American basketball knowledge; he showed off all his basketball posters and even pulled a Michael Jordan statue out from under his desk!  We got to see his sense of humor as he reasoned that he enjoys cooking mainly because he enjoys eating.  When asked about school, Greg told us that he loves physics and most other science classes but thinks that calculus is “the most boring class ever.” Just like a teenager! He even showed off his knowledge of the United States by asking us about various recent policy changes and offering his own opinions.

Greg would probably get along well with just about any family. He is outgoing, curious, and friendly. However, a host family with another basketball fan would probably make for an incredible bond! If you like Chinese food, Greg would love to prepare some of his specialties for you.

To hear more about Greg and our other incredible 2016/17 students, reach out to a Program Coordinator today and start writing your #SAEstories!

Due to Department of State regulations, we cannot post photos of our students until they are officially placed with a host family and enrolled for the school year. If you’d like additional information on Greg or any of other other hosting students, please get in touch with us at emily@saeglobal.org!

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