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Diego is an adventurous, easy going, hardworking 15 year old boy from Madrid, Spain. He has a very close relationship with his family and often seeks advice from his older siblings and parents. Diego usually goes to his mom for advice on cooking and he goes to his dad when he needs advice on improving a certain soccer skill.

Soccer has become more and more difficult for Diego. It is a very competitive sport so if you don’t work hard then you won’t be able to play in the game and will just end up sitting on the bench. Diego realized he didn’t want to just sit on the sidelines so he worked very hard for two years and is now one of the best starting players on the team.

Besides soccer, Diego also enjoys going to boy scouts. He likes going on new adventures and spending time outside learning about important skills. Another thing he likes about boy scouts is that he is able to connect with the community. Being involved in boy scouts has taught him to be more respectful, dedicated and motivated.

In the future Diego believes a good career path for him would be a sports journalist, because he loves sports and he also loves meeting new people. He knows it will talk a lot of work to be able to attain this career, but he believes the best way to get there is to explore the world, which is why he is deciding to study in America for a year.

Diego can’t wait to meet his new family and is very grateful for this amazing opportunity!

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