7 Ways New Years Is Celebrated Internationally

As 2018 comes to a close, many countries tend to lie on many traditions or superstitions to give them a boost in their wellbeing for the next year to come. Although these methods are not yet proven to work, we do suggest you TRY THIS AT HOME. Joint many other cultures in bringing in 2019.


Look into adding a little sweetness to your celebration. In Spain and many other Latin American countries, eat 12 grapes within the last 12 seconds of the year. Each grape holds one wish. so make sure you are quick to eat, and quick to quick to think!


Red is used in various traditions. From giving children red envelopes filled with money to children, red lanterns given to couples and much more. All for the purpose to bring in luck and happiness!


Looking to see how you can improve your wardrobe for the new year!? It is a superstition that wearing new clothes with red underwear into the New Year will bring you good luck! #luckyunderwear


Looking to head to the beach this New Year? Especially in the coasts of Brazil, one will jump 7 waves and each wave will bring 7 wishes for the New Years. Make sure you bring a towel an extra clothes!

Colombia and many other Latin American Countries: 

Are you looking to get away and travel within the upcoming year!? Right after the New Year festivities, people will pack a full suitcase and drive around to bring fourth travel within the year.


As well move to 2019, are you looking to place your worries behind you? The locals here will jump out of their seat all together to represent leaving negative things and moving forward.

Puerto Rico:

Looking to come to a clean 20119? The locals here will clean everything and I mean everything. Everything must come clean from the inside of the home to the outside, and even the roadways in order to get rid of any negativities.

We wish you the best of luck, peace, happiness, and anything else you are looking towards 2019.

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