Are You Her Host Family this Year?

Our student Bella is still waiting for her host family this year!

Meet Our Students

This year, Student Ambassador Exchange will have over 25 students attending for the school year. They will be staying with host families across the country, some families who have even adopted from China and are thrilled to get their adoptive children connected back with their culture. We’ve already had so many firsts – first day of school, first time baking a cake, first time having a little sister. We’re so thrilled to have them here, but we are still trying to make sure each and every student has this opportunity! Visit our photolisting today to learn more about Bella and find out if you’re her host family this year!

Meet Bella

host family this year

Due to Department of State regulations, we are unable to share photos of students publicly until they have been matched with a host family and enrolled for the upcoming school year. For more information on John, or any of our other students, contact us at (512) 323-9595 or!

Bella loves math. She enjoys equations that challenge her and doesn’t give up until she finds a solution. She’s certain she’ll love studying abroad for the same reason she like’s math: it’s an unfamiliar challenge and she’s looking forward to make the most of it! This studious young lady is also a big fan of music – whether it’s listening to her favorite artists or playing the piano and singing something on her own.

What Her Parents Say

Capture1“Last summer, Bella went to a summer camp in California. From that, she learned a lot and became more willing to express herself. More importantly, she became more interested in American culture, which gave her the motivation to study and live in the United States. As her parents, we think we need to support her as much as we can – this is a part of our Chinese culture.”

Bella is still waiting for her host family this year, and we want her to have her dream of studying in the United States. Ready and willing to start the amazing journey of student exchange? You can contact us today or you can start your application to receive Bella’s full file! We’d love to get her matched with your family NOW!

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