Temporary Host Family

Temporary Host Family Information

Thank you for offering to be a temporary host family to one of our exchange students. Please fill out the following form so SAE has means of contacting you while our exchange student stays with your family. Your privacy is very important to us. All of the information collected will be protected and will not be used for any purpose other than SAE official business.
  • Please make note of the following contact information:
    Business Phone Number: 512.323.9595
    24/7 Emergency Phone Number: 512.947.1004

    Austin Headquarters Address:
    248 Addie Roy Rd. A102
    Austin, TX 78746

    Please note that any emergencies must be reported to SAE within 24 hours.

    Thank you again for being a temporary host family. Please reach out if there are any issues, as SAE is here to help our students and our host families during this exchange experience.
  • I verify that the information submitted in the form is correct to the best of my knowledge. We acknowledge that before releasing student information to me, Student ambassador exchange may run a background check, to ensure the safety and security of student information.
  • "By typing my name below, I agree to the above statement."
  • "By typing my name below, I agree to the above statement."