Cultural Heritage: Celebrations in Westchester New York!

Every summer, Westchester New York holds what is sure to be a fantastically enriching cultural experience. The city Municipality invites you to take a trip around the world as they hold their annual Cultural Heritage Celebration Festivals! These weekly events recognize the diverse cultures that make up the community and celebrate them in the public parks throughout the summer. The backgrounds of each culture celebrated are as diverse as they are fascinating, with festivities recognizing the heritage of Albanians, Asian-Americans, Indians, and so much more! Last year, the Indian-American showcase was particularly spectacular, as community members gathered in the public park to witness traditional dance, foodindiandancers, and events that exemplified the culturally rich past of Westchesters residents. “This is the final weekend of this year to experience the music, dance and art of the cultures that are represented in our summer-long heritage series,” County Executive Robert P. Astorino said. He thanked the Indian American Cultural Association of Westchester, for its work in coordinating the event, and Friends of Westchester County Parks, whose financial donation made the cultural heritage series possible this year.

The whole point of Student Exchange is to celebrate and experience the cultures of different places of the world through education, immersion, and new experiences. Like the people of Westchester NY, Student Ambassador Exchange wants to share the adventure of cultural heritage with families and individuals through hosting and educational opportunities. Apply to be a Host Family today, and join the experience!

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