Cultural Heritage: China’s Rich and Diverse History

One of the most rewarding aspects of Hosting an International Exchange Student is the opportunity to learn more about their heritage, history, and culture. Our remaining students all hail from China, and this region of the world affords one of the most extensive histories in the world! China affords over 50 differFire_Dragon_danceent recognized ethnicities alone, constituting a diverse makeup of cultures and histories that would take more than a single blog post to summarize! Many of the regions societal influences derive from religious tendencies centered around Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, the later of which encourages a 220px-Mi_Fu-On_Calligraphystrong social cohesion among citizens.

China is also one of the original birth places of Eastern martial arts, affording the popular name of “kung-fu” or “Wushu”. Chinese tea culture has also received recognized renown over the years as a piece of culture that is synonymous with class and eastern culture.

Chinese Cultural Heritage is something that spans thousands upon thousands of years, and hosting a student from China can give you an in depth interaction with one of the worlds most renowned regions. Apply to be a Host Family today!

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