Inbound Program 2016

Cultural Exchange programs offer international students the opportunity to visit the United States for a month. Students will visit different U.S. cities such as Austin, Boston, and Berkley, and improve their English skills through full cultural immersion. Cultural Exchange programs are available on the east and west coasts of the US. SAE will launch its first Inbound Program in the Summer of 2016!

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  • Linda Snyder 12:19 am - January 20, 2016

    We have a student from China leaving to go home in June. We could have someone come for some time in the summer. I think we are getting our student back for the next school year. Thanks! linda PS: We live in Tacoma, Wa

    • Ryan Elliott 8:34 pm - January 20, 2016


      Our students will be traveling to Austin, TX and the East Coast for the inbound program this year. If you would like to email us at info@studentambassadorexchange for more information on our other programs feel free to do so!

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