From China to Texas: Introducing Ivy!

Ivy the Artist

Matching season is in full swing at Student Ambassador Exchange, and each day is full of a new sense of excitement! We spend so much time getting to know these students, so we love finding families who will help fill their school years with memorable experiences. Since we’re headquartered in Texas, placing a student in Texas gives us a little extra joy. Ivy – our student of the week – is our first Texas placement for the 2016/17 school year. We hope she’s ready to embrace life as a Texan, although it looks like she’s well on her way!

Ivy on a Horse

Ivy has never left China before, but she is really looking forward to making the most of her first time abroad. She is an artsy young lady who enjoys photography, Chinese poetry, and playing the violin. You should see her award winning calligraphy! When she’s not creating art, she enjoys riding her bicycle and spending time with her friends. Ivy enjoys making her classmates laugh and hopes that she can make her host family laugh as well. If you talk to Ivy’s friends and family, they will tell you that she is kind and independent. They think that she already has so much to offer the world, and studying abroad will allow her to spread joy and happiness beyond China. We’re sure she’s going to have a great year in Texas, and we can’t wait to watch it unfold.

There are still several students waiting to be matched! It’s not too late to host a young lady or young man as kind, smart, and outgoing as Ivy. We are sure that this experience will be one you’ll never forget! If you have any questions about the hosting process, send an email to or call (512) 323-9595, ext 3061. Ready to move forward and learn more about the students who are eligible to be hosted? Fill out our quick Host Family Application and a Program Coordinator will contact you for the next steps.

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