Share Your American Culture

Today, July 4th is a sacred day in American culture. It’s a day we celebrate the freedoms and wonders of our country. Just like us other countries  are proud of their heritage and are eager to share it. Hosting a student provides your family an opportunity like the no other. You get to bring the world into your home. Student’s love learning how Americans live and want to share their country cultures with you as well.

Many students still need host families for the upcoming school year – please contact us today to learn how you can open your home to the world!

SAE offices are closed Tuesday July 4th to observe Independence Day.

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Meet Diego

Diego is an adventurous, easy going, hardworking 15 year old boy from Madrid, Spain. He has a very close relationship with his family and often seeks advice from his older siblings and parents. Diego usually goes to his mom for advice on cooking and he goes to his dad when he needs advice on improving a certain soccer skill.

Soccer has become more and more difficult for Diego. It is a very competitive sport so if you don’t work hard then you won’t be able to play in the game and will just end up sitting on the bench. Diego realized he didn’t want to just sit on the sidelines so he worked very hard for two years and is now one of the best starting players on the team.

Besides soccer, Diego also enjoys going to boy scouts. He likes going on new adventures and spending time outside learning about important skills. Another thing he likes about boy scouts is that he is able to connect with the community. Being involved in boy scouts has taught him to be more respectful, dedicated and motivated.

In the future Diego believes a good career path for him would be a sports journalist, because he loves sports and he also loves meeting new people. He knows it will talk a lot of work to be able to attain this career, but he believes the best way to get there is to explore the world, which is why he is deciding to study in America for a year.

Diego can’t wait to meet his new family and is very grateful for this amazing opportunity!

Check out Diego’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Diego!

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Meet Mei

Mei is a caring, curious and courageous 14 year old girl from Getxo, Spain. She is originally from China, but her parents adopted her when she was just a baby. Since then she has been living in Spain and enjoying life with her parents and two older brothers.

Mei loves to try new things and meet new people. Ever since she was a young girl she has enjoyed being creative and using her imagination to paint and draw. She also enjoys reading and watching movies. She especially enjoys movies that are in a series. Her favorite sports are skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer.

As of right now Mei can speak four languages, French, Basque, Spanish and English. In terms of cultural exchange between her and her host family Mei would like to learn more about American culture and lifestyle while at the same time sharing her own Spanish culture and lifestyle.

Mei is looking forward to meeting her new family and learning as much as she can while she is in the United States.

Check out Mei’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Mei!

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Meet Pablo















Pablo is an adventurous, friendly and athletic 17 year old boy from Pamplona, Spain. He is the oldest of three children, he has a close relationship with both his younger brother and a younger sister. All of them often go and visit a small city called Pyrenees on the weekends and even more often in the summer time.

In his free time Pablo enjoys playing sports. He plays for his schools soccer team and has realized the hard work and dedication it takes to become good player. Recently, he has become a soccer coach for younger children, since he started coaching he has learned to become more patient. In addition to soccer he also plays a Basque sport called Pala which he says “is similar to paddle”, in fact Pablo is so good he plays on one of the Spanish Pala national teams.

Pablo loves going to school his two favorite subjects are P.E and Economics.  A dream of Pablo’s in the future is to become a teacher because he really loves children. However he is still unsure if this is the right path for him because he also enjoys economics so much and can also see himself running a business similar to his father.

Whatever the future holds Pablo is extremely excited to study in the United States, he wants to know more about American culture.

Check out Pablo’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Pablo!

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Community Hosting

Connecting Cultures in Your Community
This year we have families in communities signing up to host students all in the same community. This is like a built in support system for everyone involved! There are also some really awesome added financial benefits that you don’t want to miss out on!
Contact us today learn about the benefits of hosting together with your bestie, your cousin, your brother or sister, or whoever it is you want to team up with! Time is running out you don’t want to miss out! We will need a completed application in order to see full profiles of the available students. The application is FREE – Click here to get started!
Meet the Jacks
Host families are joining forces to make this next year’s program the best that is yet to come.
Visit our photolisting to meet all of the students participating, with new students added weekly. You can also contact one of our Program Coordinators to speak about a specific student or country program!
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A Letter From Tony






Dear Host Family:
Hello, how are you? I think that as you are reading this letter you must be imagining what I look
like. To be honest, I am doing the exactly the same thing. Well, I think now I should introduce
myself to you. My English name is Tony Lee, so you can just call me Tony. I
am 17 now and was really excited for my birthday in March.
I am a young man who is very willing to see and experience new things. I am always excited
about new things. Because I love changes, sometimes there will be good changes, sometimes
there will be bad changes. I think it Is fantastic when things are constantly changing. It means it is
still fresh and alive! I think I will be happy to experience American culture and if you like I can
also introduce some of the Chinese culture to you. I am very outgoing {I think), I love to make
friends. I usually get along well with others. I am also a big fan of music; I can play the flute and
the guitar. Although, not very well! I also love E-music! It makes me full of energy! When I was in
middle school, I loved singing and I was a member of the school choir. I am also a big fan of
computers and computer games; I love to learn more about IT and computers. I love animals very
much, especially dogs. I love dogs but more importantly, dogs love me.
When I was young, my parents and I spent a lot of time together. We all love each other very
much, although we sometimes argue. I think arguing is also a part of life and love, although too
much arguing is never a good thing. My family lives in a very small but attractive house, we all
love cooking for each other. My dad is Adjunct Professor & Deputy Chief Physician. I think he is a
very nice person, people all go to him if they have problems. He works very hard. I love him very
much and he is a cool person but best of all is that he loves dogs too! I love him very much
although he is sometimes very strict with me. I guess that is a dad’s job. My mom works in a hotel;
she used to work for the bank. She is very kind, she is our families cook, and she cooks for us very
day. I believe that my parents are also my friends and I can talk to them at any t ime if I have any
problems. They also give me useful advice when I need it, but they will never try to control my
life. So I feel very free around them.
In school and in my class I am always the diplomat. I am I always happy to work for my class. My
classmates will always come to me if they have problems. For example, if they have any problems
with our foreign teacher’s lesson, they will come to me first, because most of them do not speak
very good English. I am always there for my classmates. Although my class is not the best in our
school, and we have some bad boys in my class, but luckily they are bad in a good way. So, all in
all they are very kind people.
I think my life is very satisfactory, but I am still trying to make it better.
The last time I felt very successful was in Beijing. I won the National First Prize of the CCTV
Primary and Middle School Students’ English TV Competition. I was N0.8 in China, I do not really
think I was that successful, although I did try that hard to get it. I was very surprised to learn that
I was 8th in China for I did not expect it .

Well, in China we all get very excited when we talk about our dream university and dream career.
I think I will finish my undergraduate education in China first, then I will try to study in other
countries. My dream university in China is the University of International Business and Economics.
I think I will do my PHO In UK or USA. To be honest, I have many dreams, when I was young, I
wanted to be a firefighter or a soldier or a police officer. As I grew up, I changed my mind, I decided that I
want to be a diplomat ,because I really like to work with foreigners, and I love talking to them. I
love to work for my country and our people, I will be very proud of myself if I can stand for China
in the world. By the way, I love to do Model United Nations; it is of my favorite things. I always
get the Best Delegate or Outstanding Delegate, and then I realized that working for the
government for the rest of my life is also not such a good idea either. Now, I want to become a
veterinarian. I love animals and I think working with animals may be just what I need.
I hope you enjoyed this letter and I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


Check out Tony’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Tony!

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Meet the Jacks

Meet the Jacks Participating this Year!

Meet the JacksOne of the hardest transitions for some of our foreign exchange students is choosing a name. For students from cultures with languages very different from English in the United States, many students choose an “English” name to identify by at first, later teaching their host families and new friends their name in their own language. Some students even love the opportunity to pick out a name for themselves, naming themselves after favorite sports stars or important figures in history. This year, we’re excited to welcome three Jacks (Jack, Jacky, and Jackie!) to the program. Each one of these kids offers something special to whichever host family he ends up staying with. Read below to “Meet the Jacks,” and submit a FREE host family application to receive a video of Jack introducing himself in person!

Meet the Jacks


MY dear host family:

Here I am always eagerly looking forward to attain an opportunity to stay with you! Primarily, please allow me to make a brief self-introduction to you before we meet in America.

My English name is Jack. I’m from China. I am a 15-year-old boy who is always outgoing, optimistic, talkative and kind-hearted but also a little bit nervous and unconfident while encounter with a lot of people. Besides, I am always ready to help others in need, so I have a multitude of lifelong friends!

As for my hobbies, I love playing basketball and listening to music, drawing, riding bike and I wonder if you have a pet like dogs that will be wonderful, because I dogs are my favorite animal. So if you have a dog too, I will be agog to meet her/him.

Furthermore, I study in Chengdu No.7 middle school, and because of my poor math, my grades are always in the middle. On the other hand, I think that my P.E is not bad, and I love exercise. Plus my Chinese is actually really good, so if you are interested in Chinese, I am happy to tell you something about it.

First of all, the reason why I want to study in America is that my dream is becoming a basketball player and I think America is the origin of basketball. NBA is the best association in the world, I love its culture, and I want to feel this culture. And plus, I think that  American education is more suitable for me ,it can give me plenty of time to do what I want to do , I love freedom that is second reason that I love America. And the most important reason is that the United States is a country that has the most advanced technology. And the education system there encourages origination and creativity. The freedom people enjoy in the U.S. cultivates a culture that is generating millions of new ideas. Being educated in the U.S. will definitely change my life. I will work hard and take every bit of benefit from the opportunity of studying in the United States. I understand there will be difficulties that I have to face. English language is hard for me. There will be culture shock, homesick. However, I feel I am fully charged and ready to face the challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to having a wonderful year with you and your family.

Sincerely yours, Jack

Meet Jacky

My dear host family:

Meet the Jacks Thank you for considering me as a part of your family.

My English name is Jacky.  I am a 16 years old boy desiring knowledge and really excited about this special opportunity of spending a year studying in the U.S. My family and I got to know J-1 cultural exchange program through a friend of my mother. I have never lived in a foreign country before, so I think this would be a very good chance for me to learn US culture and introduce my own culture at the same time. My parents will be very proud of me because I will be the first one in my family and extended family to study abroad. To me, this chance will provide me a wider scene of the world and show me American life style and culture.

I am living in China.  Currently I am attending grade 10.  My city is a very beautiful tourist city in the province. Thanks to this, I can travel around my city easily and gain such memories of so many nice places. The attractive environment and natural landscapes bolster my city’s reputation as a garden city and a model city of best living environment. It is the third city in the province earning the largest foreign exchange from international tourism, the local government is constantly improving the existing tourist spots and exploring new tourist resources.  I was impressed by the long long sea of my area. Over the Ocean Avenue has a large screen and there the children couldn’t stop playing with marine related straight 4D animation. Street lined with tall pillars, each roof is decorated very beautiful, there are numerous color starfish, coral, really let people feel as to the bottom of the sea world. Step over the Ocean Avenue, really into the ocean Kingdom, here are many animal exhibition hall, can watch the dolphins, clever beluga, lovely elephant, manatee, beautiful coral, exquisite small starfish, shells and precious sturgeon. A variety of marine life make people too busy to attend to all a superb collection of beautiful things.

I have various interests. I love science and sports, especially making model planes. In 2014, I participated in the my city’s Teenager Science and Technology Innovation Contest.  I ranked the seventh and won the second prize . I was the only one who makes model planes among participants. I was selected a team number to participate in the third province Teenagers’ Science Experience Activity , and won the second prize in physics group in the final . I also have learned Latin dance continuously for 5 years in my childhood and have won prizes in the competitions of provincial and city level for many times . And I also have learned to play the piano and some Chinese traditional musical instruments for a short time. For sports, I like playing ping- pang, badminton, basketball and swimming.  In 2012-2013 , I participated in the Audition of the TV show Rong Hong after showing my talent and was selected by the TV crew to play the role of someone in the movie, one of the children sent to study in the U.S.  It took 18 days to complete the filming. This is my first contact with the film.

Since my childhood, my mother has paid great attention in my ability to make a speech. I was selected as the outstanding representative to give a speech under the national flag in the school and participated the school speech contest for many times. In Grade 8, I won the first prize in the Dream of See, Journey of Youth Middle School Students Speech Contest with the highest score in my school, and represented my school to participate in the speech contest of city level , and won the excellent award . In addition I have won prizes in writing for several times. I also have an article won the second prize in Moving You and Me, Endless Care Writing Contest held by my city’s Federation of the disabled.

I have a warm family. My mother and father are teachers. She takes pride in her career and always tries to make an effort to complete her mission best as she can. She sometimes works until midnight to correct students’ homework. However, no matter how much she has spent on her job, she is a neat and lenient mother to me. Every evening I get home from school, she waits me in the dining room with dinner that she just made. She also teaches me living skills like cooking and washing clothes. We often share what we see and hear every time we spend time together. My father often tells me interesting knowledge in Physics, and that’s how my interest in science and technology developed.

My responsibility in my family is to wash dishes or clothes sometimes after school. Also, I enjoy cooking with my parents in the evening, greatly relaxed after a long day of studying. I’d like to be a help in your house too.We not usually dine out because they like to cook by themselves. When it’s dinner time, my father tells me the global economical and political situations, and I tell him about my school life. Both of us share true feeling to each other.  We have been really good friends, even though we argue a few times. Re-logic (in Chinese) is my dog’s name, he has been so close to me that I call him ‘son’. He has become our family member 2 years ago, I still remember how afraid he was when he first came to my family.  Now he grows really fast and builds solid relationship between us. Usually I go out for a walk with him on weekends, he rushes to the door and waits for me every time I call ‘come on and play”. The happiness he brought me is the best memories during years of hard-working.

I greatly appreciate for your consideration for hosting me as an exchange student.  I wish you could come to China someday, and I will be very happy to take you to my city if you like.  I hope to spend a year with you and your family together, and learn American culture.  It would be a very unique experience to add to my life. I look forward to meeting you soon.



Meet Jackie

Dear host family:

Meet the JacksMy name is Jackie, a male student from China. I’m looking forward to my near future’s study in the US. And this letter is to assure you that I will be an appropriate host student.

I’m 16 now, and I’m in my first year in high school. I’m the only child in my family, so I have a very close tie with my parents, who have been teaching me to be an independent, kind-hearted and hardworking person. Although it is true that my parents have a big influence on my life, I have always wanted to make decisions for my own life, which is why I plan to participate in this student exchange program.

Here in my city, I engage in a variety of social and campus activities. In the school, I am a member of the viola ensemble in the orchestra. We have a weekly rehearsal, and there are about four or five municipal competitions each semester with other schools. Last year, we even had a contest with a school from the US. I’m excited about music instruments, and I can play both the violin and the viola. Sometimes I play the violin to relax myself. In terms of sports, I like playing basketball, tennis and ping-pong. I play basketball every day after school and I am in the school basketball club. I play tennis every week. There’s a tennis field near my house, so it’s pretty convenient.

I am convinced that I can blend well into American family culture. Although I admit that there’s a big room for improvement for my English, communication won’t be a problem. I like making friends, and I’m always considered an easy-going person. I haven’t had any arguments with my friends or parents. So I believe my politeness and calmness are my favorable point as a host student. And when I’m alone, I will not feel bored because I love reading and listening to music. I’m also a very understanding person. To be specific, I always help people in need, and I don’t make a lot of noise in public occasions. So I think I would be a perfect fit into a host family.

Another reason that I want to make change in my life is that I’m disappointed at the way my current life is arranged in China. Basically, study takes up too much of my time and I am overwhelmed by my homework. I am trying to figure out a balance between my school and my off-campus life, but it always drives me crazy. I negotiated with my parents and we agreed that the student exchange program is a good idea. Since I made the decision, I feel more motivated, and I spend more time improving my English skills. I’m now preparing for the TOEFL, and I find it challenging but interesting.

I hope I can make the best of this trip to America. On one hand, I’m looking forward to enhancing my academic capabilities, particularly my English level. On another aspect, I hope from this experience, I will learn to adapt to the American culture, which will be critical for my future study and even work in the US. I expect to be admitted to a top university in the US and hopefully I can figure out what my academic interest is.

At last, thank you very much for your time to read this letter. I hope you can consider me as a member for your family.




Interested in learning more about hosting Jack, Jacky, Jackie, or any of the other students in SAE’s program? Visit our Host Family Page to find out what makes a good host family or contact one of our Local Coordinators using the form below!

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student letters

Student Letters – Meet Harry!

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Chinese students – Harry! Harry talks about being a family kid and how much he enjoys playing sports with his friends! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters – Meet Harry!

student letters

Dear host family,

Nice to meet you!

My name is Harry. Now I am studying in a Foreign Language School. I took part in a summer camp when I was in Grade 7. The summer camp was in America. So I am very interested in American life from then on. That’s also the reason why I want to study abroad.

In school, I like P.E. best. So I like sports very much, for I think it can make me healthier. I like playing badminton, basketball and volleyball. Once I won the first prize in a competition of badminton. Also I won the second prize in a competition of basketball.  I am also good at running and long jump. And  I  made  a  contribution  to  the  sports meet in school. I am very happy with that because not only sports can make me healthier, but also I can make a contribution to school, family and community. If possible, I will continue to doing some sports in America. And I like to take part in all kinds of activities.

My personality is very outgoing.  I like to make friends very much.  I enjoy communicating with others. I always bring the hap p investor others, so they all like me.  In school, my scores are always good.  But I am hard-working all the time to make myself better. I become more hard-working when I decided to go to America to study.  I also like to play computer games in my free time, which can make me happy and relaxed.

There are four people in my family.  My father, my mother, my   sister And me. Both of my parents are businessmen. My sister is very confident. All of us take good care of her because she is not enough   mature.   My   parents   are   very open-minded. They  absolutely support me to study abroad. They think it’s a good opportunity for me to improve myself well.

We family all like sports. We often watch TV together after meal and have a chat. Maybe  we  also  like  to  go  for  a  walk  in  the  park  around our house. Now and then we watch a movie at weekends. We like traveling. I have been to many places in China, like Shanghai, Beijing, etc.  But I only traveled abroad in America. My family is very lovely. I love them so much. I know  that  the  life  in  America  will be full  of  challenges, including  the food, the   different   life  style,   the way of thinking, etc. But I don’t think anything will be the problem. Because I am very optimistic.  If  I  come across  some  difficulties, I won’t  choose  to  ask  my  original  parents  for help  immediately.  I will try to solve them by myself first, which can make myself great progress, I think. If it’s a very big trouble, maybe I will ask my parents and teachers for help.

In America, I will study hard to get good scores to enter a good university in the future.  Meanwhile, my parents will be also very happy with my good performance. This is a new stage for me to show myself. And  I will cherish this chance to behave well. Although I am a little bit nervous about the new life in America, I Think that’s normal. I can feel a different life style through this chance. And that’s also my goal. Meanwhile, I can know more about American culture and share Chinese culture with you all.

In your family, I will be responsible and I’m excited about the family. Hope you will accept me.

Thank you very much!



Check out Harry’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Harry!

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student letters

Student Letters: Meet Pat!

This week’s student letters welcomes Student Ambassador Exchange’s students from Thailand! We’re happy to introduce Pat, whose favorite food is omelettes and hobbies include drawing, running, and listening to music. He also loves to spend time with his family and hopes to have his own dog some day because he loves his aunt and uncle’s dog! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to learn more about each kiddo in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Pat

student letters

Dear Host Family,

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My nickname is Pat. I am 15 years old, and I live in Thailand. I’m currently in grade 10 – I just started a new school. I can make new friends easily, so I have adapted well to this school. It’s bigger and more difficult because it’s one of the best schools in my town. My favorite subjects are math and PE. I love playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball because it’s fun and challenging. In School, I take part in the 4×100 meter relay – my friends and I received the bronze medal on Sport Day. I love drawing as a hobby. I’m also interested in music! I like listening to it and I used to play French horn in the school band. However, I didn’t have any time to practice so I had to quit. I can eat anything and everything and I love trying new things. My favorite food is omelettes.

My family has four people. My father is a programmer and my mother is an accountant. My older sister is getting her bachelor degree. My relationship with my family is very good. We all get along well with one another. We usually watch TV and have dinner together. Sometimes, when we have time, we cook together, play badminton, go bicycling, swim, and travel. I love going to the beach with them.

This is my daily routine: I normally wake up at 6 AM. I get to school by 7:30 via school van. Morning classes start at 8:30, and lunch is at 12:10. In the evening, I get home at 5. I will watch TV or play games. Then, I study some extra English by studying with native speakers.  I think this will help me when I come to America. When I’m at home I always help my mother do housework. I can wash dishes, mop the floor, iron clothes, and keep my room tidy.

On weekends or school breaks, I go stay with my aunts and uncle at my grandmother’s house. I always help them do housework and spend time with them. They have 2 dogs named Madan and Mayom. They are very cute. I love playing with them, and I hope I’ll have my own dog one day.

In the future, I’d like to finish high school with good grades, and go to college for computer animation. I want to be a 3D animator because I like watching cartoons and I want to make my own cartoon. I’m also interested in cooking and would be happy to be a chef. I like food and I want to create new dishes. Now, I can only cook easy things like Thai omelettes, but I will try more food because I think it’s fun.

I really want to go to America because I want to improve my English, make new friends, have new experiences, and learn about American culture. I also want to teach people about Thai culture – such as Thai food and Thai dance. I’d like to try new activities in school.

I want to thank you for choosing me to be a part of your family. I will be a good boy. If there is anything I can do to help you I will do my best. I would love to teach the Thai language to you if you want!

Yours Truly,

student letters




Check out Pat’s profile on our photolisting to read a letter from his parents and meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Pat!

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Meet the Parents

Letters from Abroad – Meet the Parents!

Each week, we feature student letters that our exchange kids write to their potential host families. However, another neat way to “meet” the kids in our programs is to read their parents’ letter – that’s why we’ve started our new feature Meet the Parents! All of our host families wonder what it’s like as a parent to have your child depart for a school year, and these letters give amazing insight to what it’s like. You can hear the pride, gratitude, and a little bit of  nervousness in all of these parents’ voices as they write these letters as their children depart on this life-changing journey.

This week, we’re featuring a letter from our student Mei’s parents! She’s an exchange student from Spain, though she’s originally from China which makes Mei a very global citizen! You can meet Mei and other students like her on our photolisting. If you’re interested in learning more about our students, complete a free host family application in order to receive a full profile!

Meet the Parents

Letters from Abroad – Meet the Parents!

Dear American host family,

This is a short letter to introduce ourselves. We are Esther and Javier parents of three wonderful kids. Our little daughter Mei is going to spend a very important year for her in your house and that’s why we are really thankful for the opportunity you are giving her to become part of your family and your lives. Thank you for opening your house to her and taking her in as a daughter, thank you for the effort it involves for your family. We are sure it will be worth it because she is very much looking forward to getting to know you.
But let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are a family of five. My husband Javier is a Account Manager and I am a midwife at one of the main hospitals in our city. We live in a small city next to the sea which allows us to enjoy the beach in summer, go for walks along the seafront and ride our bikes. We are a family of sport lovers and we like skiing very much. In fact, we have a small apartment four hours from home, where we spend most of our winter weekends. We also play tennis and golf.
Our eldest son Guillermo is 25 years old and lives in the city where he works in the Human Resources Department. Guillermo loves his little sister and they get along really well. Unfortunately we don’t see him as often as we would like but he sometimes joins us at our apartment where he spends some weekends with us enjoying ski, a sport he loves, just like everyone else in the family. Our second son Juan is 23, lives with us and is a senior student studying Computer Science. Juan loves football. In his free time he coach of a football team of 10 year­olds and he plays in the University team, too. He also likes surfing.
Our little daughter Mei is 14 right now. Mei is an easy going girl, quiet, hardworking and very responsible and well organised. Mei loves her brothers. She shares her passion for surf with Juan . When she comes home from school and she finishes her homework, she spend most of her free time drawing. At the weekend, when we are not skiing, she meets her friends and they hang out at the mall, go skating, have dinner at the Burger place or see a movie at the cinema. They are always back home at the agreed time. Mei is a thoughtful, lovable girl with a peaceful character. She is obedient and follows the rules and deadlines we set for her. She has a disciplined behavior and is willing to cooperate with something, she is very set-controlled. She is also a bit shy, but given a certain time, she adapts to all situations. When she has a problem, (for instance last year she broke her leg, and had to rest for several months) she endures the situation with patience without complaining. She has been away from home a number of times. She spend the last two summers at a surf camp for a couple of weeks. She enjoyed it so much that she asked to go the following year!
Thanking you again for this opportunity you are giving our daughter, we are confident it will be a wonderful experience for her. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Esther and Javier

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