Meet Dave!

Dave is an amazing 16-year-old Vietnamese student! He’s currently staying with a welcome family temporarily in Katy, TX, but we’re looking for a new family to host him from now until May 2018.

Dave attends Cypress Lakes High School in Katy. He is a very kind, respectful, and quiet kid who speaks Vietnamese and great English. Dave’s favorite things to do in his free time are swimming, singing, drawing, and reading. He has a brother that lives in Houston, so we’d love to find him a family nearby his current school so he can stay close to his brother. Since his arrival in Texas, he’s really enjoyed being here and cannot wait to meet his new host family!

If you or someone you know in the local area is interested in hosting Dave, please contact us at for more information about him!

Are you interested in being a host family, but you’re not located in the Katy, TX area? You might be the perfect fit for another student! Visit our photo listing to view available students or email one of our Program Coordinators and ask us about hosting!

*Due to the US Department of State’s privacy regulations, the student’s photo is not allowed to be posted publicly – please contact our team to learn more.

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What are Welcome Families?

As summer draws to an end, our exchange students are getting so excited to come to the United States! While many of our students are matched with families who will be hosting them for the entire school year, we understand that some families are not able to commit for the full 10 month program. If your family has prior obligations during the school year or if you’re not quite sure you’re ready to host for a full year, SAE always welcomes short term host families!

Hosting a student as a welcome family is just one way to get involved in cultural exchange. As a welcome family, you serve as the bridge between a student’s culture and the United States. Welcome families host for 1-2 months and play an important role in helping students adapt to life in the United States! At the end of this period, the student moves in with a host family who will host them for the remainder of the school year. Most of the time, that permanent family will be located in the same school district as you, so you are still able to keep in touch with that student and be a part of their journey in America.

The best way to meet the students participating is by visiting our photolisting! If you’re interested in learning how to become a welcome family or a host family, inquire about one of our students or contact our Program Coordinators today!

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Student Letters: Meet Nicole!

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Chinese students – Nicole! Nicole sent in probably our staff’s favorite photo album, showing her growing up alongside Flora (her golden retriever!) since she was very young. She even threw Flora a 13th birthday party recently. What a sweet kid! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Nicole!

student letters

Dear Host Family:

I’m Nicole a 15-year-old student. It’s really a great honor for me to be an exchange student. I’m so excited about this project. First of all, please let me sincerely introduce myself to you.

Differing from other traditional Chinese family, we have so many family members, including a golden retriever whose name is Flora. She is 2 years younger than me; An African grey parrot, he is 1 year old ,can repeat his name very well; Two lovely cats and three turtles. I can get along well with them and they bring me happiness and joy. I have good relationships with my parents, they support me and help me when I’m in trouble. They’re sometimes strict with me, but I still understand and respect them. After all, they consider everything for my future.

Among all my hobbies, I love reading the best. There is a bookshelf in my bedroom. I’m interested in psychology and history, I hope I can learn more about these during my study in US. I love US culture indeed. In fact, I’m a Brony and a crazy fan of Star Wars. As you see, I love watching movies and animation cartoons. And these help me improve my English speaking and listening skills a lot. I often take an active part in community activities, For example, I joined 10 Km Marathon Race. That was really tiring but hones my will.

I used to be an average student, And I was always upset about my bad scores in school .Through my efforts, I dealt with all the difficulties day and night. After a long time, I finally became the outstanding one. I won respect and attention from my teachers and schoolmates. I am an active and optimistic girl, sometimes a bit naughty. I’m good at teamworks and know the importance of team spirit. Because of my sense of humor and innovation ideas, I’m popular among my friends. We all had a very good time. And I believe I’ll bring laughter and gaiety to your family.

My parents and I often travel abroad, We visited many countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and US. The culture and customs in US had left me a deep impression, The Yellow Stone National Park was the best attraction I have ever seen. I really enjoyed myself during the journey in US.

To be frank, being an exchange student in US is totally challenging and a new beginning for me. If I am lucky enough, I want to attend the US college entrance examination. However, I still have a few habits that need to be corrected. For example, my attention to other things causes great distractions in my daily life. I’ll try my best to get rid of it.

In the end, thank you very much indeed for reading this letter, if you want someone who is good at taking care of pets and easygoing, please consider me as a member of your family.

May the force be with you!





Feb.25, 2017

Check out Nicole’s profile on our photolisting to read a letter from his parents and meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Nicole!

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why student exchange

Tell Us Why Student Exchange Was Important to You!

why student exchange

We interview students to tell us about why student exchange was so important – from what it’s like, to what they miss, to what they loved. It gives an inside peek to the student’s mentality and helps families understand how amazing it is to be a part of this journey with the student!

Tell us why you wanted to study abroad:

I wanted to learn another language, experience another culture, and open myself up to new ideas. Growing up in a small town, I was always curious about the world around me, and student exchange seemed like an amazing way to really become a part of the world.

Do you keep in touch with anyone you met studying abroad?

Yes!! I’m actually meeting up with a friend I met from study abroad tomorrow – we are still close years later and keep in touch. I have a few great friends that I made out of studying abroad, and it really helps me stay connected to all of the things I learned and love while living there.

What did you miss most from home?

I’ll never tell them this…but my parents! I cried at first and definitely missed my mom, but the more I got used to being away, the easier it became to be excited to share my new experiences with her rather than spend my time missing home. I also never thought about how easy it is to get around when everyone speaks the same language as you. Trying to navigate my new town the first few weeks was terrifying – but it forced me to use my language skills! I came out so much strong because of this.

What was the coolest thing you did or saw when you studied abroad?

Seeing all of the history of this place I had never been to before was so amazing. You learn the history of your own country, and you know about the history of others, but once you really see it you begin to understand how other cultures and countries came to be the way they are.

If you could give one piece of advice to another exchange student, what would it be?

Be open to anything – it will all seem scary until you try it. Studying abroad is the perfect time to try things you might be too timid or scared to do at home. Make a new friend, say a new word, whatever it is – just do it!

Want to tell us why student exchange was important to you? Send us your stories! Email us at to send us a story or if you’re interested in being a part of a student’s life through hosting! Visit our photolisting to meet the students waiting for their life to change with the journey of student exchange.

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meet unai

Meet Unai from Spain!

We are so excited to welcome one of our Spanish students, Unai, to the United States this year! Unai made meet unai

an amazing video to introduce himself to his host family before he arrives. Watch the video below to “Meet Unai” to find out what students in our hosting program are like, visit our photolisting to meet all of our students, submit a short application to receive videos of students still waiting for their host families, or contact one of our Program Coordinators to find out how you can get matched with a student today!


Meet Unai!

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Meet the Jacks

Meet the Jacks Participating this Year!

Meet the JacksOne of the hardest transitions for some of our foreign exchange students is choosing a name. For students from cultures with languages very different from English in the United States, many students choose an “English” name to identify by at first, later teaching their host families and new friends their name in their own language. Some students even love the opportunity to pick out a name for themselves, naming themselves after favorite sports stars or important figures in history. This year, we’re excited to welcome three Jacks (Jack, Jacky, and Jackie!) to the program. Each one of these kids offers something special to whichever host family he ends up staying with. Read below to “Meet the Jacks,” and submit a FREE host family application to receive a video of Jack introducing himself in person!

Meet the Jacks


MY dear host family:

Here I am always eagerly looking forward to attain an opportunity to stay with you! Primarily, please allow me to make a brief self-introduction to you before we meet in America.

My English name is Jack. I’m from China. I am a 15-year-old boy who is always outgoing, optimistic, talkative and kind-hearted but also a little bit nervous and unconfident while encounter with a lot of people. Besides, I am always ready to help others in need, so I have a multitude of lifelong friends!

As for my hobbies, I love playing basketball and listening to music, drawing, riding bike and I wonder if you have a pet like dogs that will be wonderful, because I dogs are my favorite animal. So if you have a dog too, I will be agog to meet her/him.

Furthermore, I study in Chengdu No.7 middle school, and because of my poor math, my grades are always in the middle. On the other hand, I think that my P.E is not bad, and I love exercise. Plus my Chinese is actually really good, so if you are interested in Chinese, I am happy to tell you something about it.

First of all, the reason why I want to study in America is that my dream is becoming a basketball player and I think America is the origin of basketball. NBA is the best association in the world, I love its culture, and I want to feel this culture. And plus, I think that  American education is more suitable for me ,it can give me plenty of time to do what I want to do , I love freedom that is second reason that I love America. And the most important reason is that the United States is a country that has the most advanced technology. And the education system there encourages origination and creativity. The freedom people enjoy in the U.S. cultivates a culture that is generating millions of new ideas. Being educated in the U.S. will definitely change my life. I will work hard and take every bit of benefit from the opportunity of studying in the United States. I understand there will be difficulties that I have to face. English language is hard for me. There will be culture shock, homesick. However, I feel I am fully charged and ready to face the challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to having a wonderful year with you and your family.

Sincerely yours, Jack

Meet Jacky

My dear host family:

Meet the Jacks Thank you for considering me as a part of your family.

My English name is Jacky.  I am a 16 years old boy desiring knowledge and really excited about this special opportunity of spending a year studying in the U.S. My family and I got to know J-1 cultural exchange program through a friend of my mother. I have never lived in a foreign country before, so I think this would be a very good chance for me to learn US culture and introduce my own culture at the same time. My parents will be very proud of me because I will be the first one in my family and extended family to study abroad. To me, this chance will provide me a wider scene of the world and show me American life style and culture.

I am living in China.  Currently I am attending grade 10.  My city is a very beautiful tourist city in the province. Thanks to this, I can travel around my city easily and gain such memories of so many nice places. The attractive environment and natural landscapes bolster my city’s reputation as a garden city and a model city of best living environment. It is the third city in the province earning the largest foreign exchange from international tourism, the local government is constantly improving the existing tourist spots and exploring new tourist resources.  I was impressed by the long long sea of my area. Over the Ocean Avenue has a large screen and there the children couldn’t stop playing with marine related straight 4D animation. Street lined with tall pillars, each roof is decorated very beautiful, there are numerous color starfish, coral, really let people feel as to the bottom of the sea world. Step over the Ocean Avenue, really into the ocean Kingdom, here are many animal exhibition hall, can watch the dolphins, clever beluga, lovely elephant, manatee, beautiful coral, exquisite small starfish, shells and precious sturgeon. A variety of marine life make people too busy to attend to all a superb collection of beautiful things.

I have various interests. I love science and sports, especially making model planes. In 2014, I participated in the my city’s Teenager Science and Technology Innovation Contest.  I ranked the seventh and won the second prize . I was the only one who makes model planes among participants. I was selected a team number to participate in the third province Teenagers’ Science Experience Activity , and won the second prize in physics group in the final . I also have learned Latin dance continuously for 5 years in my childhood and have won prizes in the competitions of provincial and city level for many times . And I also have learned to play the piano and some Chinese traditional musical instruments for a short time. For sports, I like playing ping- pang, badminton, basketball and swimming.  In 2012-2013 , I participated in the Audition of the TV show Rong Hong after showing my talent and was selected by the TV crew to play the role of someone in the movie, one of the children sent to study in the U.S.  It took 18 days to complete the filming. This is my first contact with the film.

Since my childhood, my mother has paid great attention in my ability to make a speech. I was selected as the outstanding representative to give a speech under the national flag in the school and participated the school speech contest for many times. In Grade 8, I won the first prize in the Dream of See, Journey of Youth Middle School Students Speech Contest with the highest score in my school, and represented my school to participate in the speech contest of city level , and won the excellent award . In addition I have won prizes in writing for several times. I also have an article won the second prize in Moving You and Me, Endless Care Writing Contest held by my city’s Federation of the disabled.

I have a warm family. My mother and father are teachers. She takes pride in her career and always tries to make an effort to complete her mission best as she can. She sometimes works until midnight to correct students’ homework. However, no matter how much she has spent on her job, she is a neat and lenient mother to me. Every evening I get home from school, she waits me in the dining room with dinner that she just made. She also teaches me living skills like cooking and washing clothes. We often share what we see and hear every time we spend time together. My father often tells me interesting knowledge in Physics, and that’s how my interest in science and technology developed.

My responsibility in my family is to wash dishes or clothes sometimes after school. Also, I enjoy cooking with my parents in the evening, greatly relaxed after a long day of studying. I’d like to be a help in your house too.We not usually dine out because they like to cook by themselves. When it’s dinner time, my father tells me the global economical and political situations, and I tell him about my school life. Both of us share true feeling to each other.  We have been really good friends, even though we argue a few times. Re-logic (in Chinese) is my dog’s name, he has been so close to me that I call him ‘son’. He has become our family member 2 years ago, I still remember how afraid he was when he first came to my family.  Now he grows really fast and builds solid relationship between us. Usually I go out for a walk with him on weekends, he rushes to the door and waits for me every time I call ‘come on and play”. The happiness he brought me is the best memories during years of hard-working.

I greatly appreciate for your consideration for hosting me as an exchange student.  I wish you could come to China someday, and I will be very happy to take you to my city if you like.  I hope to spend a year with you and your family together, and learn American culture.  It would be a very unique experience to add to my life. I look forward to meeting you soon.



Meet Jackie

Dear host family:

Meet the JacksMy name is Jackie, a male student from China. I’m looking forward to my near future’s study in the US. And this letter is to assure you that I will be an appropriate host student.

I’m 16 now, and I’m in my first year in high school. I’m the only child in my family, so I have a very close tie with my parents, who have been teaching me to be an independent, kind-hearted and hardworking person. Although it is true that my parents have a big influence on my life, I have always wanted to make decisions for my own life, which is why I plan to participate in this student exchange program.

Here in my city, I engage in a variety of social and campus activities. In the school, I am a member of the viola ensemble in the orchestra. We have a weekly rehearsal, and there are about four or five municipal competitions each semester with other schools. Last year, we even had a contest with a school from the US. I’m excited about music instruments, and I can play both the violin and the viola. Sometimes I play the violin to relax myself. In terms of sports, I like playing basketball, tennis and ping-pong. I play basketball every day after school and I am in the school basketball club. I play tennis every week. There’s a tennis field near my house, so it’s pretty convenient.

I am convinced that I can blend well into American family culture. Although I admit that there’s a big room for improvement for my English, communication won’t be a problem. I like making friends, and I’m always considered an easy-going person. I haven’t had any arguments with my friends or parents. So I believe my politeness and calmness are my favorable point as a host student. And when I’m alone, I will not feel bored because I love reading and listening to music. I’m also a very understanding person. To be specific, I always help people in need, and I don’t make a lot of noise in public occasions. So I think I would be a perfect fit into a host family.

Another reason that I want to make change in my life is that I’m disappointed at the way my current life is arranged in China. Basically, study takes up too much of my time and I am overwhelmed by my homework. I am trying to figure out a balance between my school and my off-campus life, but it always drives me crazy. I negotiated with my parents and we agreed that the student exchange program is a good idea. Since I made the decision, I feel more motivated, and I spend more time improving my English skills. I’m now preparing for the TOEFL, and I find it challenging but interesting.

I hope I can make the best of this trip to America. On one hand, I’m looking forward to enhancing my academic capabilities, particularly my English level. On another aspect, I hope from this experience, I will learn to adapt to the American culture, which will be critical for my future study and even work in the US. I expect to be admitted to a top university in the US and hopefully I can figure out what my academic interest is.

At last, thank you very much for your time to read this letter. I hope you can consider me as a member for your family.




Interested in learning more about hosting Jack, Jacky, Jackie, or any of the other students in SAE’s program? Visit our Host Family Page to find out what makes a good host family or contact one of our Local Coordinators using the form below!

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Student Letters: Meet Amy!

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Chinese students – Amy! Amy was a sweetheart to chat with – our interview staff loved getting a chance to meet her. She also has an amazing video introducing herself to her potential host family. Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Amy!

student letters

Dear host family,

My English name is Amy. I come from Jiangsu Province from a beautiful city with long history in China. I am looking forward to become one of your family members in the coming year and I want to share with you the traditions and tasty snacks from my home town.

I am an outgoing and curious girl studying in a Foreign Language school. I like reading and doing weight-lifting with my friends. By reading different kinds of books, I gain a lot of knowledge out of the textbooks. Those have broadened my horizon and given me a different insight towards the world I am living at. Besides, physical activities give me a strong body and release the stress from my study. I expect that I can continue on my hobbies with my new friends when I have opportunity going to the US.

As for my families, my father is very busy for his work. But he would take any moment to stay with me if he had time, so I feel very closed with my father and we are like friends. For my mother, she takes care of my daily life and requires me strictly. She has a big promise for me and provides me various opportunities to broaden my horizon. During my exchange year, I wish that you can treat me like one of your family members, share with me your life and take me around to know more about the US.

Finally, I really appreciate this chance to be an exchange student. Definitely, I think that I can bring you a wonderful experience during the future one year.

Best Regards,





Check out Amy’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Amy!

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Volunteers Needed – Welcome Families!

volunteers needed

Volunteers needed for the first few weeks of school to serve as a welcome family to international students! By being a welcome family, you are contributing to understanding other cultures around the world and helping an international student make the first step of his or her journey in America!

A welcome family:

  • provides a home and a warm welcome for a student for approximately 6-12 weeks while SAE identifies a permanent family within the same community
  • gives your student an amazing start by letting him or her settle into the community, begin school, and get acclimated to American customs and cultures
  • is also a good option if your family has other obligations during the year or simply wants to try out the hosting experience short-term

You can visit our photolisting to see the students eligible to be hosted by a welcome family and submit a short application in order to receive full profiles of students your family can help welcome to the United States!

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Student Letters: Meet Mei!

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Spanish students – Mei! Mei is originally from China but lives with her family in Spain. She’s outdoorsy and loves her older brothers, and we think she’s an all around sweet kid! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Mei

student letters

Dear host family,
Hello, my name is Mei and I would like to describe and introduce myself with this letter. I decided I wanted to live in the US for a year with a host family because I think it’s a great opportunity to practice and learn a lot of English, to know more about other cultures and adapt to different lifestyles. I think I’m going to gain more independence with this exchange too. I’m sure this year is going to be a unique experience.

I would like you to know something about my family, so I’m going to talk you about it. I was born in China, but I’ve lived in Spain all my life. We are five family members. I have two brothers, Juan and Guillermo, and both of them are older than me, they are 23 and 25 years old. My brother Juan goes to university and he’s studying Informatics Engineering. Although he hasn’t finished the career yet, he is a football coach. He trains children around 10 years old Guillermo doesn’t live with us as he has a flat in another city where his job is. He works in human resources. My mother is midwife in a hospital. She’s a very loving person and very kind. My father works selling electronic products to hospitals. He usually almost always has a smile on his face and he can be really stubborn when he wants.

Talking about me, I am 14 years old. I consider myself hardworking in most of the times (when I’m not I can be lazy) and generally responsible. If you asked someone how I am they would probably tell you that at first I can be shy, but when we meet well I open myself much more. Then I’m more talkative and sociable. People also say I’m optimist. I’m curious, so I like to learn something new. I try to be kind, polite and amusing because they are important qualities for me. I’m creative and artistic. Besides, I love drawing and painting. When I don’t have anything to do I enjoy my time listening to music and reading. One thing I really like is watching movies and series. The sports I like the most are skiing and surfing. I go skiing almost every winter weekends in
the mountains of the Pyrenees. When I stop skiing I go surfing to the beach in a surf school.

Currently, I’m in 9th grade of junior high school. At school, I speak four languages: English, French, Basque and of course, Spanish. I neither have any favorite subject nor one I like less. I think the contributions I can offer being in an American family are teaching languages, showing my culture, my lifestyle!

I am looking forward to meeting you and I’m already excited about the time I’ll spend with you. I’m glad that I’m going to be part of your family as a member. I hope I hear from you soon! Many thanks for choosing me to live with you and want to take care of me.

Sincerely yours,


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Student Letters: Meet Ignacio

It’s time this week for SAE’s student letters featuring one of our Spanish students – Ignacio! Ignacio is an amazing older brother and is part of an adoptive family himself. We’re excited to have him participating in our programs with so many adoptive families interested in getting their own children connected with the world! Every week, we feature one or two student letters of kids applying to our program for the upcoming school year. It’s a great way to learn more about a student and find out if he or she is a good fit for your family! You can meet all of our students on our photolisting and submit a FREE application to receive a photo album and video for any of the kids in the program.

Student Letters: Meet Ignacio

student letters

Dear family,

My name is Ignacio and I am 15 years old (I will be 16 in April). I am from Spain. I think I am a fun and nice person and I don’t give problems and I think I can do everything I purpose myself. I like listening to music and reading. Also I love summer, going to the beach, have fun with my cousins and friends and spend time with the family. I think I am friendly. and little shy at the beginning, but after having confidence with people I am really funny and pleasant. I think I can express myself in English well but I would like to be able to understand the language and improve it.

My mother is Ana and she is 49 years old, my father is Tomas and he is 51 years old. I have too a brother called Artiom, he is 14 years old. I have too two little sisters. Cristina is 13 years old and Elisa is 10 years old. We all go to the same school, 5 minutes walk from home. My father is a lawyer and my mother works in an office in the financial department. In our family everybody likes making plans, like going to the beach, to the mountains or travelling. On weekends we usually go to the mountain or to do a trip.

At home we all participate in the house works. We make our beds every day, tidy our room, set and clean the table and do the dishes. Sometimes we help cooking, which is something I like very much. I will be willing to do the same during my stay with you. I am used to it and I think that it is fair that we all collaborate. My dad loves cooking and I plan to prepare and practice some typical Spanish recipes so you enjoy our great cuisine. I hope I can be successful in this point!

I study in school. My favourite subject is English because I love your language and by now, that we have already a good level, we do in class fun projects in groups like a newspaper or practice the listening with songs that we have to understand. Most of the music I like is in English. I have a lot of fun singing them out loud. The most difficult subject for me is maths but I am always making effort for improve my grades.

I still don’t know which career I’m going to choose when I finish High School but I am clearly oriented towards a degree in humanities. Maybe law or psychology… In the future I would like to have a big family. I want to get married and have two or three kids.

I am very excited about spending a year in your country. I don´t know speaking English very well and the first weeks I think that for me will be hard understanding you. American accent can be a little difficult at the beginning, but as I am good with the languages and I have good ear I am sure I will be able to get it soon. I will start practicing the listening with my cousin. Last year she started watching on TV some series in original version like” Modern Family” . I will start meeting her to see some chapters.

But improving my English is not the main reason for my decision of being an exchange student for a year in USA. Getting to know your culture, your way of life, your traditions and being part of it will show me another perspective of life and open my mind and my horizons. I am sure it will be a great experience in my life and will bring me the opportunity to come back with a new family and friends that I hope I can keep forever.

I think I will not be out of tune in your family and I hope you to give me a chance for meeting me. I will be very grateful if you consider accepting me as part of your family and I promise to do my best for you to enjoy your time with me.

I hope to hear from you soon.





Check out Ignacio’s profile on our photolisting to read a letter from his parents and meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at and ask us about hosting Ignacio!

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