A Letter From Tony






Dear Host Family:
Hello, how are you? I think that as you are reading this letter you must be imagining what I look
like. To be honest, I am doing the exactly the same thing. Well, I think now I should introduce
myself to you. My English name is Tony Lee, so you can just call me Tony. I
am 17 now and was really excited for my birthday in March.
I am a young man who is very willing to see and experience new things. I am always excited
about new things. Because I love changes, sometimes there will be good changes, sometimes
there will be bad changes. I think it Is fantastic when things are constantly changing. It means it is
still fresh and alive! I think I will be happy to experience American culture and if you like I can
also introduce some of the Chinese culture to you. I am very outgoing {I think), I love to make
friends. I usually get along well with others. I am also a big fan of music; I can play the flute and
the guitar. Although, not very well! I also love E-music! It makes me full of energy! When I was in
middle school, I loved singing and I was a member of the school choir. I am also a big fan of
computers and computer games; I love to learn more about IT and computers. I love animals very
much, especially dogs. I love dogs but more importantly, dogs love me.
When I was young, my parents and I spent a lot of time together. We all love each other very
much, although we sometimes argue. I think arguing is also a part of life and love, although too
much arguing is never a good thing. My family lives in a very small but attractive house, we all
love cooking for each other. My dad is Adjunct Professor & Deputy Chief Physician. I think he is a
very nice person, people all go to him if they have problems. He works very hard. I love him very
much and he is a cool person but best of all is that he loves dogs too! I love him very much
although he is sometimes very strict with me. I guess that is a dad’s job. My mom works in a hotel;
she used to work for the bank. She is very kind, she is our families cook, and she cooks for us very
day. I believe that my parents are also my friends and I can talk to them at any t ime if I have any
problems. They also give me useful advice when I need it, but they will never try to control my
life. So I feel very free around them.
In school and in my class I am always the diplomat. I am I always happy to work for my class. My
classmates will always come to me if they have problems. For example, if they have any problems
with our foreign teacher’s lesson, they will come to me first, because most of them do not speak
very good English. I am always there for my classmates. Although my class is not the best in our
school, and we have some bad boys in my class, but luckily they are bad in a good way. So, all in
all they are very kind people.
I think my life is very satisfactory, but I am still trying to make it better.
The last time I felt very successful was in Beijing. I won the National First Prize of the CCTV
Primary and Middle School Students’ English TV Competition. I was N0.8 in China, I do not really
think I was that successful, although I did try that hard to get it. I was very surprised to learn that
I was 8th in China for I did not expect it .

Well, in China we all get very excited when we talk about our dream university and dream career.
I think I will finish my undergraduate education in China first, then I will try to study in other
countries. My dream university in China is the University of International Business and Economics.
I think I will do my PHO In UK or USA. To be honest, I have many dreams, when I was young, I
wanted to be a firefighter or a soldier or a police officer. As I grew up, I changed my mind, I decided that I
want to be a diplomat ,because I really like to work with foreigners, and I love talking to them. I
love to work for my country and our people, I will be very proud of myself if I can stand for China
in the world. By the way, I love to do Model United Nations; it is of my favorite things. I always
get the Best Delegate or Outstanding Delegate, and then I realized that working for the
government for the rest of my life is also not such a good idea either. Now, I want to become a
veterinarian. I love animals and I think working with animals may be just what I need.
I hope you enjoyed this letter and I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


Check out Tony’s profile on our photolisting to meet all of our students from abroad. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a host family, reach out to one of our Program Coordinators at info@saeglobal.org and ask us about hosting Tony!

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