Traditions Around the World: Mid-Autumn Festival in China

From time to time, we like to feature holidays celebrated in some of the countries our students come from. Since the Mid-Autumn festival was celebrated on September 24 in China, we wanted to dive a little deeper to give you a little more information on the holiday!

As the fall season approaches, there is a certain feeling of excitement in the air. This is all the more true for an exchange student who is also getting used to life in a brand new country.  This season is full of countless opportunities for students to encounter new traditions. Visiting a pumpkin patch, picking apples, playing in the falling leaves, and cheering on your favorite football team are all activities that we might associate with fall in the United States.  Regardless of how your family enjoys fall together, hosting an exchange student is a great way to see your traditions through new eyes.

Fall is an exciting time in China as well, as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches.  It is also known as the Moon Festival, signifying the fact that the moon is at its brightest during this time of year.   This festival has been celebrated for centuries with the purpose of gathering close friends and family together to give thanks for a successful harvest and pray for longevity and a prosperous future.  Festivities include lighting lanterns, spending time with family members, and eating mooncakes  –  round cakes typically filled with a red bean paste.

Exchange students from all countries come with different traditions and holidays. One of the best parts of hosting a student is you get to celebrate new holidays while introducing them to your own. Whether you’re trying your first mooncake or getting your student excited to go to their very first high school pep rally, fall is an exciting time for both host families and students.

We are going to be hosting informational webinars this fall for anyone who may be interested in hosting an exchange student. Families who have been interested but have lots of questions – this is for you! Please join us for one of our two first webinars on Tuesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 25.

To register for the October 23 webinar (at 6:00 PM CDT), click here.

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If you have any questions before then, we’d love to talk to you! Simply send an email to and a Program Coordinator will contact you.

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