Student Letters: Meet Federico

Each of our exchange student’s write a unique letter to their future host family, and these letters are a great way to get a feel for their personality and lifestyle. Take a look at Federico’s letter below!

Student Letters: Meet Federico!


Dear host family,

My name is Federico, but everyone calls me Fede. I am 16 years old now and I will be 17 the next september 3rd., so I will celebrate my next birthday in USA. My family and friends describe me as a spontaneous, creative and fun person. I live in Spain with my older brother Miguel and my father.

I am the third of 5 siblings, I have three sisters and one brother. My two little sisters live in Chile with my mother, her name is Daniela and she works designing purse and bags. She also paints and do pottery.

I am a responsible and orderly person, within the family environment I always try to do everything in a good mood. With my father and my bother I always spend very good times and I laugh a lot. I’m the one who cooks the most in my house because I like it a lot, as much as cooking as eating and trying new types of food. My favorite type of food is indian food, I love currys, and even I love healthy food as vegetables and fruits.

I did a 2 years cinema course where I learned photography and recording methods and many other important things about cinema, that I loved. I am the president of the school board of my school. For me, culture and art are very important because in my family it has always been given a lot of importance and I have been educated on it. I belong to a family of artist, my paternal grandfather was a realist painter and my grandmother also painted and my grandmother also painted and wrote books. one of
them is been launch next week in Madrid and talks about the life of his family in New York after the Spanish civil war. My great uncle is Federico Garcia Lorca, a poet and a writer from the 27 generation of the XX century in spain.

I love drawing, writing, listening to music, watching movies and taking photos. I like hang out with my friend, we used to spend time together in our houses, going to cinema, art shows, hiking in the mountains and most of all skiing.

I am a person of easy coexistence, with desire to know new cultures and new people, I know how to cook and I do not mind helping with household chores. I am clean neat and respectful. In my day to day what frustrates me most and I find it difficult are the math and physics which are two subjects that cost me a lot because I consider myself to be a more creative and artistic person.

One obstacle that I had to overcome was the separation of my parents which was very painful for me, but I decided to see the positive side and face that situation and enjoy the best of both. I’m still not quite sure what I want to study but I would like something like design or audiovisual. I look forward to living the experience of a school year in USA which my father and my brother already lived, I think this experience is going to be very rewarding for both me and my host family. I am looking forward to get to know you and I am very thankful that you consider hosting me for one year, I hope be part of
your family.



If you think Federico would be a great match for your family, read more about him on our photolisting and reach out to a Program Coordinator at today!

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