One Student’s Dream!

We are looking for an amazing host family for the last student remaining in our Spring 2016 Semester Program. We’ve nicknamed him “O” because it sounds like his first name, and he’s a total sweetheart. He’s smart, kind, and outgoing, according to the sweet letter we received from his father, and in his own words, “O” is hoping “that I can improve my English and study hard to fulfill my dream” of studying in America.

One of our amazing exchange students already studying in the US this year!

As a host family, you’ll need to provide a welcoming and supportive home for the exchange student throughout the semester. Families are strongly encouraged to think of their students as full-fledged members of the family, not as guests. Key host family responsibilities include:

♥ Providing three daily meals, plus snacks
♥ Engaging in family activities
♥ Communicating with the student and SAE
♥ Attending mandatory SAE meetings
♥ Arranging transportation to/from school and activities

To apply to become a host family please fill out the short contact us form to the right! We’d love to tell you more about O, his dream, and his journey here to the United States.

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International Education Week

The Departments of State and Education declared last week to be International Education Week.  We like to think that we celebrate this every week, but we welcome the occasion to reflect on our experiences and appreciate all the good that can come from international exchanges.

International Education Week celebrates the ways that study abroad programs enrich lives all around the world. From the American students that go abroad and the foreign students that travel here to the host families around the world that open their homes to these students, each participant is forever changed. International education strengthens our global ties, and teaches younger generations to look beyond their own countries and interact with the world around them. Host families are vital to these exchanges. By opening their doors to students they have never met before, they are showing kindness that will forever be remembered when the student thinks of the United States. On a small scale this may seem insignificant – just a friendly interaction. However, on a larger scale, this makes a big difference in the world of international relations.

Many of us at Student Ambassador Exchange had the opportunity to study abroad.  One of the most rewarding aspects of the exchange was getting to visit historical sites and have a personal experience with events that shaped our world history.  From climbing pyramids in Mexico to walking where the Berlin Wall once separated Germany, these experiences gave us an education that a textbook could never offer. We believe it is vital that students around the world have access to these experiences. We are proud to play a small role in helping students go abroad and go beyond a typical education.  In closing, we think First Lady Michelle Obama describes the importance of international education best: “Investing in the potential of all  young people, through access to a well-rounded, world class global education, is an investment in our collective future.” To all students, teachers, host families, and people who have played a role in helping us facilitate these exchanges: thank you for your investment.

For more information on International Education Week, visit the official website:


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