Five Exciting Experiences for Exchange Students

Wondering what you’ll do with your exchange student while they are here? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!


Here are five great activities that your exchange student will be excited to visit with you and your family:

1. The beach or local lake, river, or waterpark

Take your exchange student to the local water spot in your town! Whether it’s the beach, the lake, or the river, this type of event is a great idea to have a little fun, relax, and maybe pack a family picnic!

2. The Capitol

You know how you’ve never quite gotten around to going and visiting your state’s Capitol Building? Now is the time! You’ll  be surprised by how interesting a state’s local history can be, and this is a great opportunity for your exchange student to learn more about the United States and its history!

3. The movies

There is nothing quite like the movies. If you know of a special theater that includes all the extras (dinner and a movie, anyone?), consider taking your exchange student to that theater. It’s an exciting opportunity to do an activity that’s is certainly loved across the nation.

4. Local Sports Events

Local basketball team playing soon? Favorite hockey team you’d like to see? American sports are big overseas, so take at least one opportunity to show your exchange student what an all-American baseball/football/basketball/soccer game looks like! Maybe they’ll leave in love with your favorite sports team, too!

5. Road Trip

Pile the family in the car, and hit the road! Get out to see that landmark that’s a few hours away, and take your exchange student along for the ride. Make it educational by looking for landmarks along the way, and have everyone play along with “Spot the Landmark!”

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