10 Weeks, 10 Students, 10 Host Families Needed!

We’re only one week into June and we’ve been experiencing an unprecedented amount of intrigue into our Student Exchange Program! With only 10 weeks of Host Family Recruitment to go, we’re working hard to place our students with loving families across the country. This week we’re highlighting the fact that we have 10 more placements to make with students and Host Families, and only 10 weeks to do so! This week we’re sharing a short bit about our students, view their full profiles on our photo listing to learn more!

10 Students, 10 Weeks, 10 Families Needed!

SingingMaking a good match for students and families is of paramount importance in Student Exchange. John has a 3 year old sister, and believes he would do well in a family where he would have siblings to learn from like he does at home. Maggie is an active young lady who likes to ride bikes, swim, and go on outdoor adventures with her friends and family! Kiko is fascinated with different cultures, and likes to learn Korean in her spare time. Lisa wants so share Chinese Culture with her new Host Family, and is simply excited at the opportunity to study abroad! We have so many amazing students waiting to meet you, so why not apply to be a Host Family today?

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